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Let’s face it sometimes we do things for attention. This happens whether we notice it or not.

Sometimes we all just want to be noticed. Sometimes we want attention whether it is good attention or bad. If you haven’t been diagnosed with mental illness why are you saying you have it? Could the things you are feeling actually be normal? Are you just doing this for attention?

If you fit the following then it is likely you are not really mentally ill. Mental illness is very serious and people live with it every day. It is not okay for you to go around claiming you have a type of mental illness without being diagnosed. You are taking support away from those who really need it.

10 Signs Your Self-Diagnosed Mental Illness Is Made Up For Attention

1. Your definitions of illness change a lot.

You are always changing the severity of your sickness to suit your wants.

2. You are not trying to get better, not even on a small level.

You are not interested in putting an effort into anything. You won’t go see a doctor or even talk to someone other than those who you want things from.

3. You are always posting ‘bait posts’ as a means of getting people to ask you ‘What’s wrong?

You post these things because you want people to talk to you. Everyone has their own problems, making others feel bad for you is not what you need to be doing and as you keep on people will become annoyed.

4. You will not accept that you are causing problems for yourself.

Nothing is ever you, when a relationship goes to shit it could not possibly ever be your fault. When things go wrong you blame it on the other person and make it seem like they fell short and could not handle your mental illness. You know, the one you haven’t ever seen a doctor for?

5. You think talking about it is ‘controversial.’

If you feel like you need to talk about/ post about it go ahead but don’t think that by doing so you are brave. Mental illness is not a controversial topic anymore.

6. When it is convenient your illness takes a back seat.

You’re fine when you want to be (no I am not referring to the ups and downs of real mental illness). If something fun comes up last minute you jump right back into being normal.

7. You list your mental illness in your bios.

Yes, you are that person. You list your mental illness in your bio before your hobbies, job information, or even your accomplishments. You do this as if to say there is nothing more interesting about you than your self-diagnosed disorder.

8. You are always sharing shit on social media about it.

You share any and everything related to the illness you claim to have. ‘how to date someone with ____.’ ‘5 things only people with ____ know how to deal with.’ The illness you claim to have is who you are. You are always reminding people of how sick and brave you are and never let people forget that you are struggling.

9. You use it to be an asshole to people.

You make excuses for yourself through your self-diagnosed illness. If you want to be an asshole. Mental illness is not a reason to treat people like shit.

10. You show off to friends but do not talk about it to those who can REALLY help.

When it comes to chatting about what you claim to be dealing with you don’t mind talking but when someone who can actually help you comes into the picture you ignore them and your illness goes away instantly because you are not ill and do not need or want help. This is your means of attention if you were outed as a fake no one would wanna be around you anymore.

As I mentioned above there are people with mental illness in this world who have to live with it every single day. By faking a mental illness you are taking away from them and making their illnesses less valid. There are other ways to go about getting attention. Be yourself.