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The world we live in is full of people who judge us. They know nothing about us, and some do not even know our names, but they judge us all the same.

We should not let the words or actions of these people bother us, we are who we are not who they think we are. Has anyone ever called you intimidating?

Sometimes intimidating people come off as rude or even ‘evil’ for the way they react to things. Those around them fail to see the kind person behind the tough exterior and it can cause issues from time to time. I have found that the most intimidating people are also the most caring when you get to know them.

The 10 most common traits I have noticed with ‘intimidating’ people are as follows:

1. Your word is good.

Honesty is something that you value big time. If you say you will do something you always follow through.

2. You are straightforward.

You always speak your mind and do not care who gets upset. Lying is never an option.

3. You are open minded.

You are open to new ideas and always willing to try new things. This allows you to achieve success through any opportunities that you are willing to take.

4. You create solutions.

You focus more on the solution than the problem. You don’t make excuses and you just get things done as you should.

5. You are strong-willed.

You are focused and will go to extra lengths to make something happen.

6. You do not like people who complain.

Complaining is something that makes you mad, you would rather work alone than with someone who spends the whole day complaining. You don’t have time for their shit and will not pick up their extra weight without letting them know where they can shove their complaints.

7. You do not tolerate willful ignorance.

You are open minded, yes, but you will not entertain anyone who is judgmental. You will either walk away from them and their ignorance or lose your patience with them and let them have a piece of your mind.

8. You are wise.

You are always learning new things and new ways of thinking. You think things through and never waste time. You are wise beyond your years.

9. You do not like small talk.

To you, small talk can be a bit annoying. You do take the time to deal with it often and would rather be sitting alone. You only want to partake in conversations with meaning. If someone cannot have a real, deep and meaningful conversation with you then most likely they do not even converse with you at all.

10. You are kind.

You are one of the nicest people in the world, really. People are quick to judge you because you do not waste your time and often see success. It seems people love to judge those who are doing better than them and this is one of those circumstances.