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We all have different personality types. Choosing one of these six feathers can tell us a lot about your personality type.

Look at the six feathers in the image below. Concentrate on the shape and color of each one and choose the one that you identify with the most. Once you have done that continue on to see what the feather you chose reveals about you.

Feather 1:

You are outgoing and very creative. You are always improving yourself and your life and it seems you are a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes you come across as overly bossy but that is just because you want things done.

Feather 2:

You adapt with ease and learn quickly. However, you seem to learn easier when on your own. This could be related back to how you enjoy being isolated, we do better when we are comfortable. You have a great support system surrounding you and will go far in life if you stick to what you love.

Feather 3:

You are always on the go. You have a million things to do and always get them done. You have trouble focusing on one goal because you have so many and rarely take the time to wind down. You need to relax. There will always be time, don’t overdo yourself.

Feather 4:

You are always willing to help others and love to be surrounded by those you care about. You enjoy small talk and look for common interests in all you encounter. Making new friends is one of your strong points. You are so much fun to be around!

Feather 5:

You are talented and strong. People love to see you doing what you love to do and you will go places in life if you try hard enough. You are afraid of failure and it is holding you back. Be the best you that you can be and go for your dreams.

Feather 6:

You are independent and know that you are more than capable of getting things done. You don’t realize it just yet but you need to be a bit more open and learn how to nurture your friendships. We all need a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong. You are not excluded from this even though you might like to be.