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When we begin to fall for someone, it can be terrifying. It can be difficult to know if he cares for us in the same way that we care for him, and because of that, we may often be unsure of our relationship.

However, there are signs and indicators of when a man truly cares for a woman and loves her the way that she needs. Of course, despite outlandish shows of affection that may plague the internet, movies and television, the true signs of love are a little more subtle.

1. He Loves You, And All of You

In spite of your cellulite, stretch marks, curves, and various other ‘flaws’, if a man rejoices in your raw beauty and personality, he cares.

2. He REALLY Listens to You

When a man truly loves you, he will give you his undivided attention when it truly matters. He will take your advice, and communicate with you on every level. While he may not do everything that you tell him to, he will hear what you say and counter it with his own thoughts and opinions.

3. You Have Real Arguments

Arguments are not a sign of a failing relationship. Instead, if a man is truly invested in the relationship that you have, he will care enough to argue, and discuss the issues that you are going through in your partnership.

4. He Makes Sacrifices

If a man puts his own interests to the side for you, then he is a keeper. A man that is willing to do anything to insure your happiness truly cares for you, and wants to make your relationship work.

5. He Tries to Become a Better Person

For many men, love is the factor that changes everything. If a man strives to improve himself to have a better relationship with you in the present and in the future, you matter to him.

6. He Is Respectful

If a man doesn’t respect the woman he has chose to be with, then he doesn’t love her. While he may want her, love and lust are two different ballgames, and respect makes all the difference.

7. He Fights For Your Love

A man that will go through anything to be with you, is a man that wants to keep you in his life. If he will go through anything with you, then he is afraid to lose you. If he is afraid to lose you, then he is in love.

8. He’s Proud of Your Accomplishments

If he is in love with you, he will take pride in your accomplishments in the same way that a mother takes pride in her children’s accomplishments. Instead of competing with the one he loves, a man will be happy when his love is winning.

9. He Cares About Your Family and Friends

When a man is in love, he understands what is important to her, and makes it just as important to him. If he truly loves you then we will listen to you patiently while you speak about the ones that you care about.

10. He Changes His Mind For You

Stubbornness is human nature, but when we are in love, we do things for the person that we love that we wouldn’t ordinarily do. That includes compromising, and doing things we don’t wish to do in order to make our partner happy.