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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house due to the fact that many of us spend the majority of our time in it. However, when it is filled with clutter and negativity, it can begin draining us of our energy and happiness.

Thankfully, that is where the art of feng shui swoops in to save the day. Feng shui will not only declutter your room, it can also promote a cozy, comfortable, intimate, serene and even sensual feel for your personal space. And it’s actually quite simple to get started by utilizing various aspects of basic feng shui.

1. Calm Down the Color

David Daniel Kennedy, who is a Feng Shui teacher and consultant in California explains that,

“There’s no doubt that color impacts our psychology and our physiology.”

And he isn’t alone in that belief. Other feng shui experts encourage the use of warm, earthy colors like copper, coral, tan and even cocoa to up the comfort level of the bedroom.

2. Get Rid of Excess Electronics

Electronics like televisions, computers, telephones and exercise equipment can destroy and feng shui energy that is present in your bedroom. Furthermore, they promote EMFs that are dangerous to your health.

3. Let the Fresh Air In

By opening your windows, or using an air-purifier to keep your room fresh and full of oxygen, you can exponentially up the quality of your space. Other feng shui experts encourage the use of essential oils, however, make sure to choose soothing scents like lavender.

4. Position Your Bed Correctly

According to feng shui, the direction that your bed is facing can make all the difference. Ideally, the bed should be in a location in your room that allows you to face the door. If you cannot face your bed towards the door, try to at least purchase a mirror which will allow for you to have a direct reflection of the door from your bed.

5. Calm Down the Lighting

Use lighting that isn’t excessively bright, nor dim. You can purchase a lamp that is sufficient instead of using the standard ceiling lights in the bedroom for a quick fix.

6. Encourage Equality

Place a night stand on each side of the bed with a lamp. This will balance out the room, and bring tranquility. You can also do this with other decorations, as it will encourage equality in your space.

7. Spruce Up Your Headboard

No pun intended, but choosing a wooden headboard can exponentially transition the energy in your bedroom. Not only will it provide additional strength, it will also promote progress in your life in general.

8. Declutter Your Space

.Go through your room and clear out anything you don’t need. As for the rest of your belongings, store them out of sight, except for necessary items and simple decor. By simplifying your bedroom you enable chi to flow freely throughout your room. It also looks much more appealing to the eyes.

9. Add Some Eye Candy

Choose art that inspires sensuality, prosperity, and relaxation. According to feng shui practitioners, you should choose art that depicts what you wish to manifest in your life. Also, hang your favorite piece of art on the wall opposite of your bed. This will make it to where the first and last thing you see each day is something that inspires you and brings joy to your heart.

10. Strategically Represent Both Yin and Yang in Your Space

One suggestion is to add black tourmaline and clear quartz to your room. By doing this, you are promoting balance which can ground, protect and purify your space.