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When you are dating a big-hearted woman, you know exactly what you are dealing with, and the same goes for a girl with a sarcastic mind. But, what happens when you are dating a girl that has both?

While she may seem like a difficult Rubix Cube of complexity to understand, it’s actually quite simple to understand her. You just have to know what her actions mean, and once you do, her presence can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

1. She Is Blunt

If anyone will say it like it is, she will. And despite everyone else thinking of her as rude, she feels as though she is only saying what everyone else is thinking. Honestly, though, she is right. She does say what everyone else is thinking, and she doesn’t use a filter either.

2. But Her Actions Are Gentle

While she may say whatever comes to mind, she is careful with her actions. She may have a lot going on inside of her mind, but her soft, big, heart keeps her grounded.

3. Being Vulnerable Isn’t Her Strong Suit

Despite her big heart, she doesn’t like to be made to feel vulnerable. Instead, she is likely to make snarky comments to cover her feelings. This is only because her big heart gives her the ability to not only to love harder, it also gives her the ability to be hurt more. She knows this and fears being hurt. But, once she decides to let you in, it means that she trusts you, so don’t abuse that trust.

4. She May Seem Indifferent, But She Isn’t

During a tough situation, she may make jokes or comments that make it seem as though she doesn’t care. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. She cares a lot, however, she processes her deep emotions with her sarcasm.

5. She May Seem Rough Around the Edges, But Truly, She is Soft

Underneath her strong exterior, she has one of the biggest hearts imaginable. She only uses her tough exterior to guard her massive heart.

6. Her Big Heart Makes Her a Great Listener

One of the most amazing traits of a big-hearted woman is that her capacity to listen to you is out of this world.

7. She Has a Postive Demeanor

Having a big-hearted, sarcastic woman in your life can prove to be an amazing endeavor. During the hard times, she will bring the best aspects of the situation to light, and give you a reason to laugh, and when you need her the most, she is there for you no matter what.

8. She Isn’t a Half-Asser

If she does something, she does it with the intentions to do it right. Therefore, if she loves you, she will let you know. If she thinks something, you will know it. There are no guessing games with her.

9. She Is a Bad Ass, But She is Also A Big Sweetie Too

While she won’t stand for an injustice and can be quick to put someone in their place, don’t let this fool you…..her heart is huge. Beneath all of her badassery, is a sweet and delicate flower. However, in order to see this side of her, she has to let you in.

10. Her Sense of Humor is a Major Part of Who She Is

This girl can make anyone laugh or smile at the drop of a dime. And it is this aspect of her soul that makes her who she is. She loves to laugh and to make people laugh, and because of this, people seem to be magnetized towards her.