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When it comes to relationships sometimes we are our own worst enemies. I know I often tend to make a big deal out of something small and it causes a lot of issues.

Our zodiac signs give us a lot of insight on this sort of thing. You can learn a lot about your negative traits through your sign as well as your positive traits. We are all guilty of making mistakes without realizing it. How are you sabotaging your love life?


You are always letting your mind and your eyes wander. You need to be focusing on one person, not three. You are not good at committing and always like to keep another person on the backburner in case this one doesn’t work out. Love doesn’t work this way.


You get too jealous and are often too closed off to make real connections with people. This is something you do in order to make sure you don’t get hurt but it is not doing you any good. You need to open up.


You get bored too easily. When you finally get settled in you get bored and move on. This is not the best method, to be honest, you need to get to know yourself a lot better befoe you get in another relationship. If you do this chances are the next one won’t be as disappointing.


You let your feelings become too strong too fast. You are too caring and just overall too much. You need to correct you overbearing nature if you intend to keep a relationship.


You are too into yourself, others do not like this. Stop thinking about yourself all the time and take others into consideration.


Stop trying to dig deeper all of the time. Sometimes there is not more to the story or more under the surface. All of this digging is killing your relationships. You make people feel as if you trust no one.


You need to learn to stop worrying so much about finding the right person. The right person will come into your life when you are ready. You need to be okay with being alone before that happens.


You need to remember that some people are not into all the romance that you are into. Not everyone likes to be overshadowed by romantic gestures all the time. There is a time and place for everything if you overdo it then it will lose its meaning.


You need to stop being so picky. You get into a relationship only to find that there is something you don’t like about the person and move on to the next. No one is perfect if perfection is what you want you will never be happy. Learn to love someone even with their flaws.


You need to stop being so negative. No one likes being with someone who drags them down all the time. Find happiness in yourself and then love will come along.


Stop getting distracted by the things you could have and be grateful for the things you do have. You need to understand that life is not always exciting, were supposed to be ‘bored’ sometimes.


Love is not all magic and fun there will be hard times and you need to accept that. Be more realistic in life and love and things will go much smoother.