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We all want different things in life, but we also all share one aspiration in life; true love. True love is something we are all searching for, and you might have already found it.

Love and companionship are no new things in the modern day world. People have searched for soulmates and cosmic twins for thousands of years. Dating is something that has become quite popular these days, due to the internet, and it has made finding true love a bit more complicated. We date a lot, and we start at a very young age. Today people start dating at ages as young as twelve and thirteen. Many people are just infatuated with the idea of love and think they have found it, but in all reality, they’re just settling for the idea. This is not only bad for you individually, but it brings a false meaning to true love.

True love is much more than infatuation. When you truly love someone you would do anything for them, and that includes forgiving them on any grounds. We all mess up from time to time, and that is one of the biggest misconceptions about love today. People expect it to be perfect, but it is far from it. If you have really found true love, you’ll relate to these 11 signs.

You Support Their Perspective

We all have different opinions and judgments on things in life. We think differently, and it’s not uncommon to disagree on more than a few things. Being truly in love means that you support your others perspective and point of view even if you don’t agree with them.

Emergency Responsiveness

When you are truly in love it does not matter what kind of mess your other has gotten themselves into, you’re going to be there to help. Instead of bashing them for being stupid, you hide the body and ask question later. Metaphorically, of course.

You Always Forgive

We are all human no matter what, never forget that. We all make mistakes from time to time and you truly have to understand that your true love is not going to be a perfect person. They will mess up regardless, but you will always forgive them and they will always forgive you.

You Respect Each Others Inner Worlds

After a certain amount of time, you will realize that you affect each other way more than you think. You still respect each other own personal choices, likings, and basic inner worlds.

You Always Remember What’s Important

No matter what kind of difficulties you might experience, you always remember what is important. You love each other for your imperfections and your perks, and nothing can ever change that.

Share The Load

 When there are problems we might be too quick to blame them on the other person. When you are truly in love you understand that neither of you is perfect, and you love each other for that. You share the blame for any problems you have and you always work through them immediately.

You Heal Each Other

You realize where you both have faults and the areas in which you each might have been damaged. No matter what you are always looking for a way to make that area better for them. You’ll always be trying to heal each other in subliminal ways.

You’re Vulnerable to Each Other

When you are truly in love you let yourself be free to the other person no matter what. You hide nothing because you know they’d never let you fall. It’s like a never ending trust fall


Attunement is the ability to look beyond all of the materialistic things in life and see what really matters. You can listen beyond what is being said or done when it comes to your partner.

You Can Be Yourself

When you are around your love you can always be your 100% self. In fact, they help you to do so. They love you for who you are and they know that. You can be as goofy and weird as you want to be all the time, and that’s the best part.

You Always Have Each Other’s Backs

No matter what kind of stupid decision the other one might have made, you’re gonna be right there to help them clean it up.