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Toxic people are everywhere whether we notice them or not. They often do whatever they can to sneak into our lives and this can result in a damaged emotional and mental well-being.

Mentally strong people know that these kinds of people are not to be tolerated and will avoid them at all costs. You see, the people we allow in our circle can influence us in ways we would not think to imagine. Below you will find a list of the different types of people we should all be looking for and staying away from.

1. Those who do not dream at all.

Lazy people don’t do any good for anyone, not even themselves. They only hold us back and we should not allow them to do this. Sometimes tough love is the best route, make them get off their rears and out of your life, they may come back a changed person later in life.

2. Those who show-off.

Sure, gloating is fine in small doses but you know exactly the kind of show-off I am talking about. These people are easy to spot and their only purpose in life seems to be making other people jealous. This is an indication of their lack of self-worth and we should not waste our time on people like this.

3. Those who are stuck and refuse help.

If someone doesn’t want your help and is in a bad situation you are only hurting yourself by wasting your time. No one is going to accept help until they want to make a change in their life. Being a shoulder to cry on is not always going to help. It only puts more of a burden on you as a person and makes you worry over something you can do nothing about.

4. The ones who are not along for the ride, ever.

People who don’t exactly get out and do things are not always toxic but when you are an active person they can be a bit of a downer. You want to surround yourself with people who will build you up and enjoy life with you, not people who let life pass them by.

5. Those who consider themselves ‘depressed’ but are not actually depressed.

No, I don’t mean diagnosed people who are actually dealing with depression and take medication for it I mean people who behave as if they are depressed and have never even seen a doctor/refuse to. These are the people who constantly make up reasons as to why their lives suck, they blame their misfortune on everyone but themselves.

6. Those who are ‘I’ people, “I can do it,” “I have so many,” “I know what.”

These people are those who actually don’t do the things that matter, they are always talking about what they have or can do but never follow through.

7. Those who are LAZY.

This goes hand in hand with number four but is still a bit different. This one refers to people who are just flat out lazy, they want to do things and wouldn’t mind going along on your adventures but lack motivation and are mentally weak. They are always talking about the things they would like to do and never doing any of them. Their bucket list is a mile long and they haven’t even started on it.

8. Those who are parasites.

Sure we have all gone through things and hit rock bottom from time to time but when someone is constantly looking for handouts they need to go. These people will use you and never give anything back. They will not be there when you need them but will expect you to be there for them forever.

9. Those who are ignorant.

People who are ignorant are the worst of all, they are unable to do the right thing no matter how easy it is and never learn from their mistakes. Some of these ignorant people seem harmless while others are a whole can themselves, we should avoid them all.

10. Those who are jealous.

These are people who want to see you fail. They want what you have and don’t want to work for it. They believe that because you have something that they should be entitled to it but of course, things do not work that way.

11. Those who judge everyone.

These people will always find something wrong with everything and are never content. They will forever bring you down and bring down everyone around you. They literally do their best to such the life out of everyone and no one likes them. To them, nothing will ever be good enough so cutting ties before things get rough is best.

If you are mentally strong chances are you have already found out that there is no place for the people above in your life. You live your life how you want to and do not let other people bring you down. There is nothing wrong with living your life to the fullest and surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you up and be there when times are rough.