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People are much more advanced than we think we are. We are intuitive, spiritual creatures who give off constant frequencies and vibrations. With practice, you can manipulate your vibrational frequency to be increased.

Everything about us is a given off frequency or a received frequency. Everything that is, was, or ever will be, gives off a specific frequency of vibrations. Every thought, feeling, and emotion is some form of vibration. You know how sometimes you can really feel the hurt someone you love is going through? It’s like you feel it in your stomach. This is referred to as empathy, but it’s actually you receiving that person’s vibrational frequencies. It’s a natural response. Some people feel these frequencies much more powerfully than most people do, enabling them to read people like the back of a card. There are even simple ways to practice raising your own vibrational frequency! Here’s how.

Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

In order to raise your vibrational state, you need to be conscious of what’s going on in your own mind. Pay close attention to every thought you have, what caused it, and how it affected you. You have to be aware of the relevance of your thoughts. They’re more than pointless thought bubbles. They’re what makes up the entire you.

Practice Meditation

 Meditation has a ton of different benefits, both medical and spiritual. Meditating allows you to become fully aware of your spirituality. It makes you take note of the power of your mind. Many people think it is too hard, but you’re just trying too hard. All you have to do is let the universe flow freely through you.

Eat Consciously

 Foods can affect your vibrational state, believe it or not. Some food is contaminated with pesticides that make you feel weaker. Whole and natural foods make you feel better physically and emotionally.

Refrain from Drugs and Alcohol

 Drugs and alcohol affect your vibrational state too. Drugs blind you of your own personality, leaving you with nothing but a dependence. Your vibrations will never be steady or stable with a drug addiction.

Listen to What the Music Tells You

 Music is good for more than pleasing the ears. Music can tell us a lot about our true selves. When you’re listening to that one powerful song, pay attention to the thoughts it’s making you have. You can learn a lot more about the true essence of life by doing this.

Be Aware of the Home Environment

 Home environments are extremely important to your health, mentality, and vibrational frequencies too. A bad home environment can ruin your vibrations. A negative home can make you someone you’re not, and block you completely from your spiritual abilities.

Do Random Acts of Kindness

 Random acts of kindness are so much more than just helping someone else. It does more good for you than it does them. It makes you humble, appreciative, and nothing beat the smile you get when helping someone. Good karma comes around too.

Practice Compassion

Compassion is extremely important. We have trouble understanding that we are all the same in the modern day time. We are all people with their own issues, gifts, traits, and talents. There is no reason for us to think our feelings are superior to one another’s.

Forgive and Forget

 Many people think that forgiveness is the one who hurt you, but it’s not. It doesn’t do anything for that person. It helps you. Hurt is nothing unless you continue to remember it. When someone hurts you take it as a lesson. Don’t let them continue doing it, but forgive them for it. Realize that you didn’t do anything to deserve it, and move on. It makes you feel better. Holding grudges eat you alive while leaving the other person completely unaffected.

Play some Drums

 Drums have a rhythmic tone that soothes people, stabilizing their vibrations. Sometimes are vibrations even synchronize to the sound waves and frequencies around us. The rhythm of the drums can put you in a trance-like state that moves the conscious controller (ego) out of the way to allow for dissonant energies to be vibrated apart

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are sound frequencies that your own frequencies adjust to. it typically consists of two different pneumonic sounds. your brain will adapt and fill in the middle of the sound gap, making it constant instead of a beat.