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Anyone that has a big sister, or any siblings for that matter, can relate to the roller-coaster relationship that begins during childhood. At one moment we can be a force to be reckoned with, and on others, we may have literally pulled each other’s hair out, yet somehow or another we continued to build an unbreakable bond of sisterhood.

Somewhere along the way, years after the fights over the little things had passed us by, we became best friends. And by realizing this, we could look back over the years during our childhood and see that we had actually had each other’s backs the whole time. Despite all that silly sister stuff (including fighting over the passenger seat of the car) we managed to grow together as true friends. And through all of that, we each became the best present that our parents ever gave us!

1. She’ll Always Listen

An older sister is someone that is always there to listen, at any time, and about anything. And due to the fact that you have both experienced very similar situations, it puts her in a valuable position to give you advice when you want or need it.

2. She Will Tell You Like It Is

With friends, you may always have that polite friend, or sense of politeness among friends that sisters don’t go by. So, instead of someone telling you what you want to hear, a sister will tell you the truth.

3. She Keeps You in the Loop

Whenever she has heard something that has happened in the family, you are most likely to be the first to hear it. Which means, if you are trying to get the ‘scoop’, she’s always a dependable source of information.

4. She Was the Parent’s Guinea Pig

The first born is always the one that the parents use to learn valuable lessons about parenting. By the second child, the parents have already made many of their mistakes and learned from them.

5. She Was Excited When She Found Out About You

Your older sister, more than anyone else other than your parents, and maybe even more than them, was excited from the moment they knew about you. Due to that, she has loved you long before she ever met you, because you were her little sister.

6. She Introduced You to Stuff You Love

From music, to movies, television series, and clothing choices, our older siblings influence us in so many ways.

7. She Gives You Advice About Guys

While a mother can give advice about guys, it may not be as easy to talk to your mother as it is your sister. You sister is someone that will truly listen to you without judgement and then give you honest advice.

8. She Made Your Childhood Fun

Having a sibling can be crazy, chaotic, and bring whole new meaning to sibling rivalry. However, the majority of your childhood with your sister wouldn’t have been any fun without her. When you have a sister, there is always someone to spend time with and to go on adventures with.

9. You Share All the Same Childhood Memories

All of the childhood memories you have probably include your sister. You can even reminisce on the craziest of dysfunctional family moments, even the ones you would never share with the public, cause, uhm…..they are just that crazy.

10. She is Your B.F.F

Literally, your sister is your best friend forever. No one else was there from day one until your last day, except for your sister. Sisterhood is forever, and it is the best friendship in the world.

11. She Would Do Anything to Help You

An older sister will always love you unconditionally, and will be there to provide you with assistance any time that it is needed.

12. She’s Your Biggest Cheerleader

Your sister will be there for you through all the good times and the bad. She will celebrate with you through the good times, and have a shoulder to lean on during the bad times. And no matter what, she will always have your side!