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When people ask you what’s wrong on the daily, or constantly ask you why you are in a bad mood, it grows old…! Personally, I find myself mentally screaming “I’M FINE!!! constantly throughout the day.

If you too struggle from resting bitch face, then you know exactly what I mean. While we are usually just lost in deep thought, or trying to figure our way around a task, everyone automatically just assumes we are in a bad mood? Why? Well, for whatever reason, no matter how much we try to contort our face so others will leave us alone, we somehow always look as if we were plotting our biggest enemy’s death.

And if you know exactly what I mean, then you may also understand the many other struggles I go through on a regular basis due to resting bitch face.

1. When you become truly angry, you have to go the extra mile to make people understand.

2. You have to try extra hard to make people think you care, especially when you don’t.

3. Oftentimes, even when you feel awesome, everyone else thinks your pissed. So you find yourself forcing a fake smile….and looking creepy.

4. When someone asks you for the fifth time in a row ‘What’s wrong with you?’, it becomes quite hard not to actually start getting bitchy.

5. And no matter how nice you truly are, someone will always take it wrong.

6. People are constantly telling you to smile more, and you can’t help but wonder why everyone is smiling all the time for no reason.

7. Of course, there’s always that one person who thinks it is ok to hug you, because ‘You need a hug!’

8. And then there are those who think you are bored constantly.

9. For some reason, all of your photos look like mugshots.

10. Most people won’t approach you because they think you’re a bitch.

11. Realizing you do have resting bitch face is a bittersweet moment.

12. Explaining that you aren’t mad, or sad, etc. can be exhausting.