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Have you always felt as though you are incredibly sassy, but deep down a bit of an asshole? Then the term ‘sasshole’ was made for you! Entertaining and fun-loving at the best of times, and nothing short of offensive at the worst, you run the full spectrum! If you weren’t so witty most people would see you as nothing but a huge jerk, however, your humor and confidence attract others, making you nothing short of magnetic!

Love you or hate you, here are 12 truths you connect with if you are a true sasshole!

  1. Your Sass Sometimes Takes Control: While you are usually in control of your thoughts, words, and actions when your sass starts rolling there are times that it completely takes over, and you have no control over what is said next!


  1. You Are Always the Life of the Party: It doesn’t matter whether you are drunk or sober, you are so much fun that you are the life of the party regardless of where you go! You make everyone laugh, and even bring others out of their shell.


  1. You Use Insults to Flirt: While others think of giggling, blushing and stumbling over their words when they think of flirting, you just aren’t ‘that type.’ Instead, you will poke fun at the person you are interested in.


  1. You Were Born Sassy: This isn’t something you learned through your teen years, it’s part of your very makeup! Ask your parents, siblings and other family members – you’ve been rocking the sass your whole life!


  1. You Should Come with a Warning Label: You are constantly being warned to watch your mouth by those around you, and really should just come with a giant warning label to give anyone you encounter a heads up as to what they are about to be dealing with.


  1. You Believe Everyone Else is Stupid: It doesn’t matter where you are out in the world, you find yourself surrounded by ‘stupid’ people… In the grocery store, driving down the freeway or eating at your favorite restaurant. You can’t help but roll your eyes.


  1. You’re Witty: You are super quick on your feet, and always have the first, and best, come back. You think with smart-alec, witty comments faster than anything else.


  1. You Are a Sarcasm King/Queen: Sarcasm is like a second language for you, and you are completely proficient! There are very, very few people out there that would be able to give you a run for your money.


  1. Your Honesty Can Sometimes Be Seen as Mean: You aren’t afraid to share your opinion, and you aren’t going to waste your time sugar-coating anything. There are some people who appreciate your honesty, but others find it to be a little too ‘mean spirited.’


  1. You Can’t Talk Without Using Your Hands: You love to share a dramatic, over the top story, and using your hands only adds to that excitement. There are times that your hand motions are so over the top they distract people from what you are saying entirely!


  1. You Are Stubborn: You are incredibly stubborn to the point that it influences many of your decisions. You have been known to do some things in life simply because others have told you that you can’t. When you set your mind on something, there is no changing it!


  1. You Don’t Fear Confrontation: If someone or something is bothering you, you don’t hesitate to say it. You don’t believe you have to hide your feelings and opinions just to protect someone else, and you regularly walk the fine line between confrontational and full out rude.