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“Wanting her is hard to forget, loving her is hard to regret, losing her is hard to accept, but letting go is the most painful.”

  • Unknown

 We have all heard the stories of heartbreak, where a once beautiful relationship comes crashing down, tearing out the hearts of those involved. Standing there, in that moment, we find ourselves questioning what we did wrong or how we got to this point…

The truth is that the relationship started to fall apart days, weeks, months even years before that day. You were losing her long before she said goodbye!

What causes this? What has gone wrong in that amazing relationship you once held so dear?

It started as you began to take her for granted, overlooking the amazing beauty seated right before you. The days that you pulled out your phone to check a message or respond to SnapChat rather than giving her your undivided attention.  It’s the times that you allow your mind to wander when you are having a conversation as if you are bored by her.

It’s the way that you put your friends ahead of her time and time again, canceling your plans together so that you can ‘hang with the boys.’ She didn’t say so at the time, but she was disappointed and you broke her heart, and you couldn’t even see it.

It’s the days that she spent working hard to make you a perfect meal, or to surprise you with a small gift or gesture, only to feel as though you were taking her for granted. Not only are you blind to her efforts, but in never reciprocating them you leave her feeling alone and unloved.

It is every night that she cried herself to sleep alone because she didn’t feel as though she could reach out to you during the difficult times – the times where she should have been able to count on your most!

A relationship is a living, breathing entity, constantly growing and evolving, but it takes time, effort and energy. By not appreciating her and what you have, you have allowed it to fall apart. You have opened the door for her to walk out, and given her no reason to remain.

So, when they day comes that she walks away, and doesn’t look back, remember: You lost her because you forgot to truly love her!