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While there are many cases in which we just know, there are other times that it can be hard to tell. Should I stay or should I go?

We ask ourselves this, however, are we being honest with ourselves when we answer? Well, there’s no denying the following 13 signs. If you see any of these in your relationship, chances are, it’s time to bolt.

1. You Have Literally Nothing in Common

While you may have thought you had some common ground, it turns out that you don’t. And if you can’t find any common interests to share, you may just be too different for one another, especially if you don’t share any common goals.

2. You Are Never Happy Anymore

At first, things started out great, but as time has gone on, you find that you are no longer happy.

3. There Is No Trust Left

Without trust, there is nothing.

4. You Constantly Bicker

From daylight to daybreak, the two of you can’t get along to save your lives.

5. You Are More Annoyed When You Are Together

The mere sight of your partner insights a rage like no other.

6. You Have Nothing Good to Say About Your Relationship

When other people ask how it’s going, you can’t answer their question in a nice way.

7. You Cry A Lot

Every little detail of your relationship brings you to tears.

8. Your Relationship if Affecting The Other Parts of Your Life

From your boss to your family, people can tell something is wrong.

9. You Ignore Each Other

You would rather be alone than be around them. When they talk, you ignore them.

10. One or Both Of You Flirt With Other People

If you are seriously flirting with others, the relationship is over.

11. You Are In Denial

While you may try to tell yourself it isn’t that bad, deep down, you know it is.

12. You Can’t Communicate

Communication, like trust, is a necessary component of a relationship.

13. You Don’t Value Each Other

You no longer respect or value one another.