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Sometimes we go through things that show us bits and pieces of our past lives. Have you ever felt out of place?

It is believed that the way we are in general as humans reflect back to our past lives in some way or another. It is said the more worldly and mature we seem the more times we may have experienced this world. We have all most likely reincarnated many times before.

If you’re experiencing the things below you may have lived more lives than most:

1. You are constantly yearning for a home you do not know exists.

Souls that have reincarnated lots of times will have this basic need to complete the cycle and return back home, even though they do not quite remember where or what home truly is. This often comes along with an extreme sense of exhaustion at times.

2. You have fears that for some reason you cannot explain.

Some of the things from our past lives can still influence us in our present lives. For instance, if you were attacked by some sort of animal in a past life you may be afraid of that specific type of animal in this life. This is something that happens quite often.

3. You feel more attracted to a specific period of time.

This is another instance of past life residue. You are drawn to a time or place in which you have lived once before.

4. You feel much older than you are.

Were you born with an old soul? This could be because you have experienced all of this a million times before. Your soul may be more advanced than the souls of those around you.

5. You experience retrocognition.

This is the ability to obtain information not usually available about past events. For instance, you could give detailed information about something that happened long before you were born, something you would normally have no knowledge about.

6. You experience precognition.

This being the ability to obtain information about future events.

7. You are an empath.

Empaths are people who absorb emotions and are sensitive to the energies around them. A soul that has gone through many lives is more likely to be an empath.

8. You have a strong intuition.

The older your soul is the more intuitive you will be. This is because we are closer to returning to the source.

9. You experience Deja Vu.

The bizarre feeling that we have already experienced something before, could that be because we have?

10. You notice out of place memories.

These are things that are oddly laid out in detail but did not actually happen to you in this life. I myself have a few of these.

11. You experience recurring dreams.

You see, dreams are a reflection of the unconscious mind and repetitive dreams can sometimes be reflections of your past lives.

12. You meet someone you feel like you have known forever.

Sometimes our souls cross paths with people in more than one life. If you meet someone new and feel as if you have known them for a long time that could be because you were once friends in another life.

13. You feel lost.

Sometimes the lack of remembering becomes overwhelming on a deeper level. Though you may not know why you are feeling lost at the moment it could be because your mind is aware something is missing.

Are you experiencing any of these things and do you believe in reincarnation? Some people argue that if we were reincarnated we would have all of our memories but I do not believe that. All of those memories would be too much for one person to handle all at once. I feel like things get reset in order for us to get the best experiences we can out of this world.