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We should never settle for a toxic relationship just to keep from being alone. We all deserve real love.

If you are with someone who is no good for you then please get out of the relationship. You should not be dealing with that. Toxic people will only bring you down and there is no getting better as long as you are with that person. Don’t let that person force you into believing you are better off with them than without them. You are much stronger than that.

If you notice any of the following things then please kick his ass to the curb. Just because this is something that happens a lot doesn’t mean you should consider it normal. A good guy would not do any of the following things to you. Please take these things to heart.

1. He calls you crazy.

You are not crazy, he is just trying to make the situation less bad on him.

2. He flirts with other girls.

I don’t give a shit if you are dating the sexiest guy in town if he flirts with other women he doesn’t deserve you and if he flirts with other women in front of you, he deserves a good crotch kicking, to say the least. You wouldn’t do this to him so why should he do it to you?

3. He makes you cry often.

Sure a few tears every once in awhile is normal but crying yourself to sleep every night is not.

4. He doesn’t handle his alcohol well.

This can be a huge red flag for a lot of different things. If he isn’t mature enough to handle his alcohol then he needs to go away.

5. He is too jealous.

Sure, a little jealousy is normal but if he goes into a raging fit there is something seriously wrong.

6. He tries to control what you wear.

If he tries to tell you what you can and can’t wear then he is toxic. You are a human being and you have the right to wear whatever you want. Don’t let him take away your freedom, even if it is just a miniskirt.

7. He ignores you but gets mad when you don’t answer his call.

If he is cold shouldering you all the time but gets pissed when you don’t answer his calls you should have dumped him a long time ago.

8. He targets you when he’s upset.

When something is bothering him he blames it on you. No matter what it is, you are the one who he takes his anger our on.

9. He coerces you into sex when you aren’t in the mood.

This is a big no-no. As your boyfriend, he should respect your boundaries and know that he is not entitled to have your body whenever he wants it just because he is your boyfriend.

10. He lies to you.

You deserve someone who will always be completely honest with you. If he lies to you it means he does not respect you.

11. He does not trust you.

You have never given him reason to distrust you but he does.

12. He hates your friends and family.

If he hates your friends and family chances are he is going to try to keep you away from them and that is never okay. You should always be able to see your friends and family when you need to.

13. He makes you feel uncomfortable.

When he is around you feel uneasy or on edge. This is because you are afraid to do or say the wrong thing and stress like that can damage you big time.

You deserve someone who will not lie to you or try to control you. You do not need all of this negativity in your life. Get out while you still can. There is nowhere to go from here but up.