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Toxic exes are some of the worst to deal with they are petty and definitely do not know how to leave their exes alone. If you think the person you’re with will remain your friend when things are over you may want to check their sign.

The following signs are without a doubt the most likely to be toxic exes. They will go the extra mile to tear you apart because you do not want to be with them. If you are thinking about getting into a relationship always consider how you think the person would act if you were to break-up beforehand.



The Taurus will go from loving you to hating you overnight. It is chilling. If you break-up with them they will not feel bad about any pain they cause you after because guilt is no longer a factor. They will literally treat you like trash after a break-up.


A Gemini will destroy your image. They will make everyone around you hate you, they will seem to be doing fine now based on their social media but the truth is they are torn up on the inside. If they can no longer string you along they will get a bit unruly, being indecisive they have to feel like they have options. If you break things off you are taking away options.


The Cancer loves too deeply. If you end things with a Cancer be prepared to never hear the end of it. They will spend a lot of time trying to win you back even if it is not possible. They will become annoying and chances are they will make you feel pretty damn uncomfortable.


A Leo will play the victim role to an extreme extent. They will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is on their side and leave you as the odd one out.


The Virgo will become much angrier than the rest of the signs. They will either hurt themselves in some way (be it binge drinking or losing their way) or do their best to tear you down. There is no clean break when it comes to a Virgo.


A Scorpio will ruin you, literally. If they feel like you have done them wrong you will have hell to pay. They will get revenge in the worst way possible.


They will make everyone else think you are in the wrong and even start nasty rumors about you.