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Tattoos are something we use as a form of self-expression. When it comes to our faith and spirituality tattoos are one of the best ways to reflect that outward.

Lots of spiritually minded people get things like birds, deities, animals, and such while others go with the more obvious symbols and there is nothing wrong with that. There is no wrong way to express yourself. If you want a tattoo with deeper meaning, take a look at the following tattoo ideas, pick a concept and make it your own.

1. Om Tattoo

“Om” is the most important Sanskrit and signifies the song of the universe. It is simple yet interesting and intense.

2. God is Greater

This is a set of symbols that are supposed to work as a reminder that God is greater than the highs and the lows or even the ups and the downs.

3. Hamsa

This symbol represents the hand of God. It is usually depicted with fingers closed together. It stands for power, protection, confidence and depending on the religion has additional meanings, it is said to be a talisman against the evil eye.

4. Rosary

No matter how big or how small this tattoo will get your message out there. The rosary for those who are not familiar is a set of prayer beads used by Catholics.

5. Lotus

The lotus is a complex and very meaningful tattoo. In many cultures, it is a sign of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. In Buddhism different colors of this flower mean different things.

6. Semicolon

Chances are you have noticed this trend going around as it is one that caught like wildfire. The semicolon is symbolic because while you the author of your life could choose to end your sentence you chose not to. Meaning you could give into this cruel world or your mental illnesses and kill yourself but you chose not to.

7. Cross

This is one of the most common spiritual tattoos in my opinion because I see it the most often. The cross has been connected with faith for a long time now and to Christians signifies the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It serves as a reminder. However, the Celtic Cross embodies eternal love while the Tribal Cross points out courage and dedication. It is up to you which one you want to send out into this world.

8. Faith Over Fear

This is one that can be as big or small as you want and has a deep meaning without being too intense. It means exactly what it says.

9. Heart

A heart tattoo for those who follow Hinduism could mean Love fo God as well as the world and in other religions mean a number of things. Depending on the style it could be exactly what you need.

10. Peace Sign

This is a symbol of peace as you most likely already know.

11. All Seeing Eye

This is something that has always been a symbol of divine providence and spiritual awakening. It means everything from being able to see true nature to God’s mercy.

12. Ganesha

This Hindu deity is something lots of people end up getting tattooed on their bodies. He is the symbol of new beginnings and is Lord of success.

13. Buddha

This denotes meditation and solitude. Buddha represents boundless love as well as compassion for everyone. He has often depicted with lotus flowers and in this, it means the person wants to leave the material world to reach a transcendental state.

14. Moon

People get the moon phases, just half moons, blue moons, and so forth. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the moon. It can mean things like the duality of the human nature and life or even refer to deep energy and strength depending on what exactly you are getting.