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Throughout our lives, we are faced with many challenges, however, the most daunting can be the journey to find love. And while we meet many people that could be ‘the one’ there are a number of signs that separate the right one from the wrong ones.

1. You Can Literally Guess What They Are Thinking

While others may leave you guessing, when you find the one, there will be times when you can read them so well that you could even finish their sentences.

2. You Enjoy Doing ANYTHING Together

For a good couple, even mediocre tasks like grocery shopping and cleaning house can be enjoyable. No matter what you are doing, somehow you find a way to have fun while doing it.

3. You Can Go Without Your Filter

When we are around most people, we use a filter and carefully weigh our words before saying them. However, when we have found someone that we truly love, we can be ourselves around them, without the filter.

4. You Can Be a Piggy Around Each Other

You are not only comfortable eating in front of each other, you truly pig out without worrying about judgement.

5. Your PDA Has Changed

Instead of constantly kissing, and touching, you find that your PDA is rambling about your inside jokes in front of others, and exchanging smirks across the room.

6. You Can Talk About Anything….Even the Yucky Stuff

If you can talk openly about anything, even your bodily functions, you have found a keeper.

7. You Are Each Others Best Friend

If you can get drunk with your partner and act like a complete idiot, take adventures together, and truly enjoy being together on a regular basis it is likely that you may have found your soulmate.

8. You Have Your Own Language

Not only can you finish each other’s sentences, you also have a series of words that only the two of you understand.

9. It Feels Like You Have Known Them Forever

Whether you have known them for two years or two days, it feels like you have known them all your life.

10. They Know When You Are Made and Try to Avoid Making You
that Way

If you are in a relationship with a keeper, you will learn the triggers that make you each angry. When you both understand each other’s triggers and actively try to avoid using them, this is a sign of respect and love that makes for a long lasting bond.

11. They Love ALL of You

When you find your soulmate, they will love all of you, from your best assets to your worst flaws.

12. You Are Comfortable With Each Other

You can lay around in your ripped up sweatpants, and sleep hair all day together without ever thinking anything about it.

13. They Think About the Small Stuff

If your partner thinks of you all the time, and even considers the small stuff like how you like your takeout sandwich, then you have found a keeper.

14. You Are Considering the “We” Now Instead of Just the “I”

When you start considering yourself as part of a couple instead of just as yourself and your wants, then you may have found the one. It is easier to let our defenses down and truly become a part of a couple when we have found someone that we want to be with long term.

15. You Can Embarras Yourself Around Them

Not only have you let your guard down and become less vulnerable around them, but you can also actively embarrass yourself around them.

16. You Do Small, Sweet Things For One Another

One day, he may surprise you by washing the dishes when its your turn, or maybe, on your way home, you remembered to grab his favorite snack from the store. These small acts of love make all the difference.

17. You Make Fun of Each Other

You can pick back and fourth with each other, to the point where others may think you are truly bickering. However, you are both snickering and smiling the entire time, because you both know you are only playing.

18. You Don’t Hold Grudges

You have went through your fair share of problems, but at the end of the day, you love each other unconditionally. Neither of you hold grudges, and you constantly are working to better your partnership.

19. You Parent Each Other Sometimes

You may scold one another from time to time, but it is only because you love them. When they are sick, you take care of them and vise verse.

20. No Subject is Left Untouched

You can literally talk about anything with one another from your period, to his bowel movements.

21. You Are a Team

In everything that you do, you are a team. You cheer each other on, and you constantly help each other to support mutual goals.

22. You Support Each Other No Matter What

Even when you don’t agree with your partners cause, you support them.

23. You Empower Each Other

While many couples tear each other down, you work to build each other up.

24. You Can Sit in Silence Together

The two of you can both be in the same room, working on individual tasks in silence and enjoy each others company.

25. You Try New Things Together

If you both find that you haven’t tried something it becomes a new adventure added to the list. You both enjoy trying new things, especially as a team.