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All of us struggle with finding the perfect balance to make our life the way we envision it. However, did you know that many of our daily habits work against that endeavor?

In order to accomplish success and happiness in our lives, we must first give up our bad habits that inhibit us from this goal.

1. Sitting Around Like a Couch Potato

No one ever accomplished anything in front of a television, and while a little relaxation time is necessary for a happy life, it definitely isn’t where we want to be spending all of our time.

2. Living in the Past

Imagine moving forward, all the while you are looking back. Do you imagine that you would make it very far without stumbling and falling? No. So, the same applies to your life.

3. Playing the Victim

Don’t be a victim, or else you will live your life like one.

4. Holding Grudges

Holding grudges holds back no one but you. Stop holding on to anger and regret and forgive the ones you love. Don’t do this for them, but instead, for you.

5. Procrastinating

Do you have a list of tasks that need to be accomplished now? Why wait? Get them done now! Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck perpetually behind, which is not where success and happiness thrive.

6. Gossiping

Talking about others not only questions your integrity, it is a waste of time that could be used for accomplishing a number of goals.

7. Living Unhealthily

Sometimes, a piece of cake or fried chicken is fine. But, when we live our lives sedentary and eat junk non-stop, how can we ever enjoy a happy lifestyle? We can’t. So, stop leading an unhealthy life today, and start making better, more healthy choices.

8. Thinking Short Term

While living in the moment is necessary from time-to-time, it is important to set goals for the future and to prepare for it.

9. Making Excuses

Just stop. Take responsibility for your actions and don’t make excuses. How can you ever learn from your past, if you never accept it?

10. Being Stubborn

Let go of being stubborn. Stop living such a fixed life and come out of your comfort zone.

11. Trying to Be Perfect

No one is perfect and striving to be is a waste of time. Accept your mistakes, correct them and move forward.

12. Holding Onto Toxic People

Sometimes, we have to let go of certain people in our lives, and those people include the toxic ones that are sapping all of your time and energy.

13. Being a People Pleaser

No one has ever gotten anywhere trying to please everyone but themselves.

14. Holding Back

Don’t ever hold back in life. If you want something, and it has risks involved, go for it. Don’t sit back in your comfort zone while everyone else in life is progressing forward. Instead, shift out of it and accomplish your dreams!