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There is something to be said about the chemistry that exists between couples, drawing you close and feeding your relationship with pure passion. You knew from the moment that you met that there was ‘something’ there, pulling you in and leaving you wanting more. This physical attraction can cause us to act against our best judgment, caught up in the moment.

“The rush of sexual attraction can act like a drug and blur our capacity for clear thinking. This can lead us to distance ourselves from our friends or even abandon our life plan for someone who couldn’t otherwise be relied on to water our plants and feed our cat.”

  • Harriet Lerner

The truth is, there are times that this passionate chemistry is all that we will ever have with some people. The connection may never go beyond the bedroom, preventing the relationship from ever evolving into anything deeper. While these relationships can be a lot of fun, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them in the moment, it can cause serious heartbreak if one, or both parties are looking for something serious and lasting.

Compatibility within astrology is heavily based on the existence of the 4 different elements; earth, air, fire, and water. While an element may be heavily compatible with another element such as earth and water, they may find themselves completely incompatible with another element, such as fire and water. It is with a thorough understanding of this concept that the following list was created. Here are 15 Zodiac pairings that, while they have an undeniable chemistry, are ultimately incompatible:


  1. Leo and Taurus

Initially, this pairing will seem like a match made in heaven, gushing all over one another in open displays of affection. The Taurus will admire their Leo partner, feeding Leo’s ego, whereas the Leo is able to provide the stability and comfort that the Taurus seeks. It will seem like nothing can go wrong until the first disagreement. It is at this point that both will show their stubborn, prideful ways – unwilling to compromise the relationship will ultimately self-destruct.

  1. Cancer and Gemini

Cancers are highly emotional, living their life guided almost solely by their heart, whereas Gemini is a very logical sign. This will create a big rift in the communication between the two. Gemini will become fed up with the mood swings, crabbiness and overly emotional outbursts of their Cancer partner. Cancer, however, will find their Gemini mate to be uptight and too caught up in their own head. This struggle to communicate will be the ultimate downfall of the relationship.

  1. Aries and Scorpio

This is a match that will be built almost exclusively on sexual attraction and seduction. Both of these signs are ruled by Mars, the planet of sex, which means that a pairing between an Aries and a Scorpio will be hot, hot, hot. You may never take your hands off one another, however, if the dust settles for just a moment you will quickly see that there is nothing else to the relationship.

  1. Taurus and Libra

Both ruled by Venus, the planet of love, this match will start out representing all things romantic and ideal, making it hard to believe that it isn’t going to last long-term. The downfall will come in the way in which each couple requires different aspects of security in their relationship. A Taurus desperately needs to feel physically secure where as a Libra requires a level of emotional security. To an outsider, this will look like a well matched and balanced set of needs, each providing the other with the security they desire, however, the couple will see this very differently. They are each blinded to their own demands upon their partner, instead of getting the impression that their partner is overly needy.

  1. Aquarius and Scorpio

Both driven by their wild and open desires, this is a pairing that will openly explore all things taboo. They will pass hours in the bedroom (and the living room, and in public, and…) however with both signs heavily set in their ways it will only take one conflict in their lives outside of the bedroom before this relationship explodes in a blaze of fire.

  1. Sagittarius and Virgo

While these two may not be compatible, somehow, they balance one another out and manage to make it work. Often this is the couple that meets as high school sweethearts, sticking together throughout their lives. They are polar opposites, with the Sagittarius living wild and free, while the Virgo partner is calm and reserved. Sagittarius will push their partner out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to live a little but ultimately pushing them into uncomfortable situations. Virgo will help to keep their partner grounded, preventing them from getting too wild and crazy, but leaving them feeling suffocated.

  1. Libra and Scorpio

Libra live an outgoing and honest life, openly sharing everything and anything with their partner, where as the world of a Scorpio is built on secrets and boundaries. Initially this pairing will help one another to grow and evolve as the Libra pushes the Scorpio to communicate and express themselves, however eventually the difference in their way of living will come to a head with the Scorpio annoyed that their partner is probing into every corner of their life, while the Libra in this pairing will no longer care to tolerate their Scorpio partner’s secrets.

  1. Aquarius and Pisces

Both highly adventurous, freedom loving and wrapped up in their own dream worlds, their relationship will start off as a grand adventure, happily exploring by one another’s sides. The problem is that both being dreamers and idealists, they will never meet one another’s needs in a partner, which is someone that will root them in reality. It will be fun and exciting while it lasts, and this pairing likely won’t end in any type of blow out or major argument, they will merely realize that they can no longer be tied to one another in their dream worlds, heading back out on their own individual adventures.

  1. Aries and Cancer

On paper this couple is perfect – Aries desires to be the hero/heroine, rushing in to save their partner in every situation that may come up in life whereas Cancer has a strong desire to feel protected and cared for. This will last through the early stages of the relationship, creating the perfect balance, until the Aries finds that they can no longer handle the emotional neediness of a Cancer partner. Aries needs space in their life, wanting to be independent and their ‘own person’, where as those born under Cancer statistically become incredibly co-dependent, leaving their individual personality behind to create a new ‘us’ in its place.

  1. Libra and Pisces

Both Libra and Pisces are on a mission to find that one, true, perfect love. For a Libra, this is a journey to find the perfect person, someone that can fulfill their every need. Pisces, however, is a dreamer who creates a fantasy around this pairing. The two will go out of their way to make one another happy, living in their own world created in their minds with nothing but happiness and idealism. There will come a time that the reality of the world around them hits, and neither will be willing to step up to make the relationship work.

  1. Cancer and Leo

While this partnership could be highly incompatible, it is one of the few on this list that could reasonably be made to work so long as both partners are willing to understand and work through their differences. Leo will want to sweep their Cancer partner off their feet whereas the family oriented Cancer will teach their Leo partner the importance of love and loyalty. It is the smaller differences, if left unmanaged, that will spell trouble for this couple. Cancers are known for their tendency to worry about everything and anything, which, in the eyes of a happy Leo, is an unnecessary source of negativity in their life. Leos are demanding, insisting their partner let this negativity go, which will be taken as a personal attack by the overly sensitive Cancer.

  1. Aries and Capricorn

This is the most common pairing to be seen in the political circles, a relationship that is ultimately more of a business deal than a passionate pairing. Both signs have their own ego, and it is this clash of egos that will ultimately cause their relationship to end, however just watch what they can accomplish before they reach that point! The Aries is a trailblazer, acting first and thinking later, tearing down anyone who may get in their way in their rise the to the top. They need some direction to ultimately be successful, and this is where the Capricorn comes into the picture. Calculated and organized, the Capricorn partner will control the direction that they are taking as long as the Aries is willing to let them. Eventually, they will end in a royal power struggle.

  1. Pisces and Sagittarius

Both Pisces and Sagittarius can find themselves caught up in their own perfect little worlds, allowing the universe to guide them through life as opposed to taking responsibility for their own choice and actions. There will come times that a decision has to be made, and the action driven side of the Sagittarius will step up taking on this role initially, however they have no interest in the consequences of their actions! They will begin to demand that their Pisces partner also steps up, which will create a great deal of conflict between the two.

  1. Capricorn and Aquarius

From the outside, these two will look completely incompatible. Those born under Capricorn are more traditionally minded, valuing rules and boundaries. They will either be your total gentleman or polished lady, always staying poised in public. Aquarius, however, is your rebel, pushing boundaries and breaking rules. Why, then, do they somehow work for short, passionate relationships? The truth is that Capricorns have a secret kinky side that comes out in the bedroom. They will be wild and physical until such time that the Capricorn can no longer handle the spontaneous and unpredictable way that an Aquarius lives their life.

  1. Leo and Capricorn

The original power couple, both of these signs are heavily led by their desire and quest for social status and power. They will aim to push one another forward, presenting one another with guidance and constructive criticism, however, the ego possessed by a Leo is not able to accept criticism well. With their shattered ego in tow, they will lash out at their partner, revealing a darker and undesirable side to their personality that their Capricorn partner is not willing to contend with as they believe that it will hold them back in their own journey to the top.