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The human mind is immensely complicated without the proper understanding of its responses. Thankfully, psychologists have begun to unravel the mysteries found deep within our psyches, and because of them, there are a number of useful techniques that can help you navigate through day to day life.

1. Look at Eye Color

When you first meet a new person, smile at them and look at their eye color. While it could be that you are taking a moment to look them in the eyes, people seem to really respond to this.

2. Chewing Gum for Nervousness

When doing something that makes you nervous, pop a piece of gum in your mouth. For whatever reason, the brain thinks that if you are chewing you are not in danger. It will work wonders for calming you down.

3. Teach to Learn

When you begin to endeavor into learning something new, find a friend to teach as you learn. They will ask questions, which will help you to understand as well.

4. Memorize by Chunking Things Together

Remembering a large sentence may seem impossible, however, if you break it down into letters like “V-E-R-Y-L-A-R-G-E-E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T”, it becomes easier.

5. Quiet Down After Asking a Question

When you ask someone a question, and they don’t completely answer you, continue to hold eye contact. While you do, remain silent. This will put pressure on them to finish answering without you doing so.

6. Watch the Feet

When you are in a social situation but are unsure of the other person’s feelings towards you, glance at their feet. If someone is disinterested, their feet will point away. If they are interested, their feet will face you.

7. While Arguing Stand to the Side

If you feel an argument coming on, simply step to the side of the person. You will no longer appear as a threat, so it becomes easier for them to calm down and to be peaceful.

8. If You Need a Favor Start By Asking for Help

Most people want to avoid feeling guilty for not helping another. Furthermore, we want to be capable of helping. So, if you need something, tell the other person you really need their help.

9. To See If They Are Paying Attention Fold Your Arms

In our society, most of us lead busy lives. Due to this, we don’t have time to waste speaking to someone who isn’t receiving. Want a quick way to check? Fold your arms. If they are paying attention they will most likely mimic the move.

10. Not Good at Remembering Names? Use them in the Conversation

When someone introduces themselves, for example, “Nice to meet you, I’m Donna.” Respond by saying, “Nice to meet you, too, Donna.”

11. Change Your State of Mind Before Something Important

Before an interview, instead of being nervous, fool yourself. Tell yourself you are going to visit an old friend to catch up. Visualize this.

12. Keep Your Hands Warm

People feel more comfortable with someone when they shake their hands and they are warm. You will appear more desirable to work with and be around instantly by slipping your hands into your pocket and warming them before shaking hands.

13. Assume Confidence

If you typically have social anxiety about how people feel about you, try assuming everyone already likes you. Think about your best features and boost them in your mind.

14. Pump Yourself Up for the Day

When your alarm goes off, instantly get excited and shout “YEAH!!!” while pumping your fists. Your family may think you’ve lost your mind, but you will have a much better day.

15. Speak to Individuals Rather than Groups

If you need something from a group of people, reach out to an individual from the group instead of the whole group. The person will be less likely to brush your request off, due to the fact that they aren’t surrounded by the comfort of their group.