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When you think of your soulmate I am sure a number of things come to mind maybe the way they would look or the way they would act, does your current partner match what you desire? Are they even similar at all?

We tend to find our partners in a manner that does not suit our requirements; we settle for someone who looks good or is nice instead of someone who we have a deep connection with. When you meet your soulmate or even see them from across a room, you will know. How do you deal with a dead end relationship, are you with someone who you know is not your soulmate?

If you are with someone and are for some reason not quite sure whether they are your soulmate chances are they aren’t, however, if you feel like you should put them to the test to find out for sure ask yourself these questions:

1. Can you be yourself around them?

You should not lose yourself when in a relationship and your significant other should never try to change who you are. A real soulmate will allow you to be yourself without criticizing the things you do. Sure, you both have different needs and hobbies but that is normal.

2. Can you be vulnerable without being judged?

Is you significant other supportive of you? Your significant other should help you work through your emotions and issues not run away from them or tear you down. They should help you find strength even in your weakest moments.

3. Do they truly love you?

All of you, not just your appearance or personality. They will love you for all that you are. They do not consider you embarrassing even in your weirdest moments and they see the flaws you have as beautiful.

4. Does your significant other appreciate you?

This person should value your thoughts and opinions. They should appreciate the things you do for them and others. They will make you feel acknowledged more than anyone else.

5. Do they forgive you?

Do they forgive you when you make mistakes? As humans we all make mistakes and there will be disagreements and moments were compromises will need to be made. Your partner will need to be able to forgive you as you will them.

6. Do you trust your partner?

Your significant other should be someone you can trust without a doubt. If you are in a loving and trusting relationship the truth should never be an issue. If your partner does not give you any reason to distrust them then you are in a secure relationship.

7. Do they make you laugh?

Your partner should be someone who can get you out of a bad mood with ease. If your partner makes you laugh instead of making you cry you have found something special. This person should be someone who makes your heart melt all the time, they will always want to cheer you up when you’re upset.

8. Do they bring out the best in you?

If your partner makes you feel confident and secure you have found something unique. You are happier because of this person and they make each day bright even when it is raining. Do they make your life feel like a fairytale?

9. Will they support your desires?

Your partner should push you to do the things you love. They should support you and your dreams. This person is your number one supporter and they will give you a helping hand when you need it.

Video via Power Of Positivity 

After reading this you should know whether the person you are with is your soulmate or not. If this makes you realize the person you are with is your soulmate tell them how important they are to you. Make sure they know how important they are to you and thank them for all that they do. Your soulmate is someone who will be there for you when no one else will, do not take them for granted.