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Sex is not everything there is much more to us all than what we can do with our genitals. We often have to deal with people who only want to hook up and it can get annoying.

If you are having trouble telling if someone is really interested in being with your or just wants to bone this list will help you. Guys who are only looking to hook up all seem to be very similar to one another if your guy does the following things he really is interested in you. He will be a great candidate as someone to consider building a life with. Give him a chance.

1. He takes care of you when you are sick.

You see, a random hook up guy will just try to stay away from you when your sick but a good guy will come bring you soup and take care of you. He will do his best to make sure that you are comfortable because he wants you to feel better and worries about you.

2. He lets you know he is thinking about you with his actions instead of his words.

Instead of simply texting you that he misses you this guy will show up with flowers or something along those lines. He will make kind gestures and do things that prove to you he is thinking of you.

3. He really talks to you.

Your conversations are deep and meaningful. You can talk about anything with him as he can you.

4. He will text you first.

He isn’t one of those guys who wants you chasing after him, he will text you when he wants to talk whether he has heard from you or not that day.

5. He is interested in the things that matter to you.

Whether it is something he is really into or not he takes an interest in the things you enjoy. He wants to be a part of your world as best he can and this is how he does it.

6. He doesn’t make you feel like you have to do things that you don’t want to do.

He will never pressure you into things. He respects your boundaries and never makes you uncomfortable.

7. He does things he normally wouldn’t do just for you.

Whether it is something he is interested in or not he will make an effort to do things you want to do that he wouldn’t usually even try. He does this because he wants to make you happy.

8. He talks about you to his friends and family.

They know all about you before even meeting you and know how happy he is in this relationship.

9. He tries his best to make sure your friends and family like him.

He knows that they are important to you so whether he likes them or not he makes sure to be nice to them. He doesn’t want to make things awkward for you.

10. He compliments you.

He loves everything about you and enjoys building you up.

11. He is not afraid of commitment.

He knows that relationships are not easy and is ready to take this on with you. No matter what he is always committed.

12. He respects you.

He respects you as you respect him.

13. He does not lie to you.

He is always truthful, you can trust him as he can trust you.

14. He loves you and your flaws.

He doesn’t care that you are not perfect. You are perfect to him.

15. He works hard for you.

He makes sure to put as much effort into the relationship as possible and to ensure your life is not one of struggle. He always does his best.