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Whenever the full moon is in Sagittarius it works to intensify our thoughts and emotions. This will be a time in which anything we have been holding down will come up to the surface whether we want it to or not.

The full moon to come on June 9th of 2017 will make us see in more detail than we can fathom the things that are working in our lives and the things that are not working in our lives. After this full moon is over we can be expecting to feel clear and ready to change anything that is holding us back. With the planet, Saturn present things will be much more intense than usual. Saturn is a teacher and will always make sure we do what we need to do.

If we are having trouble understanding our karmic lessons things will become clear soon. The moon and Saturn will work together to help us heal and walk out highest path. These two cosmic forces will be helping us in a huge way.

There will be something coming to an end at this time but do not worry something wonderful will follow. We will be aware of the path we need to follow and able to move forward focusing on completion. This full moon is a point in time where we will grow through some things and find joy as we evolve into something magnificent.

June’s full moon is one we cannot avoid and during it, we should maintain an open mind. The more of an optimistic view we have the better. Life is all about learning and moving forward. This will be one of the greatest lessons you have gone through so far. Take this time to heal and reflect on things to come. Do not ignore anything coming to the surface address it as it comes up.

Stay close to anything that makes you happy and get rid of all things negative in your life. You do not have time to be held down. The universe has a plan for you and you should never fight it.