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No one wants to admit that they are not a priority to the person that they love. However, all of us have been on someone’s hook at one point or another and had we noticed from the get-go we could have avoided a lot of pain.

Of course, there are plenty of signs when we are in this situation that can help us to make a clean escape. While many if these signs could be rationalized, if the person you love is displaying quite a few of them, then it is time to move on.

1. He Doesn’t Introduce You To His Family or Friends

If you have been with your partner for months and have yet to meet any friends or family of your significant other, this is a bad sign. It means that he doesn’t take your relationship seriously, and that you are just around for when he needs you.

2. He Always Takes Forever to Respond

When you text or call him, no matter where he is or what he is doing, he never picks up or responds promptly. Of course, sometimes there are situations in which it is normal for your significant other to not pick up right away. However, when this is a common occurrence, it is a bad sign.

3. He Seems Disinterested in You and Your Life

If you are with someone, they should care about what is happening in your life. If not, then you are most likely not important to him.

4. All of Your Plans are Last Minute

When you are with someone, you become a part of your partners life and their plans. If your partner doesn’t plan anything in advance with you, then you are not a priority in their life.

5. They Are Constantly Bailing On You

If you are constantly finding that he bails on you at the last moment when you are doing something important, it’s likely that you are on the hook.

6. You Rarely See Each Other

If you are a night time girlfriend, or weekend warrior, he may not take your relationship seriously. It is nearly impossible to grow as a couple when you are rarely together, and honestly, if you only see one another on the weekend, then you aren’t even actually dating.

7. He Claims He Is Working……All the Time

When you ask him to do something with you and he’s always ‘working’ then it’s probable that you are either on the verge of a breakup, or that you are just his hobby rather than his girlfriend.

8. He Is Always Doing Everything Alone

Of course, we all need a bit of alone time, however, when he is constantly soloing everything, then you are not his priority.

9. Even When You Are Together, You Feel Alone

When you are in a relationship with someone, the entire point of spending time together is to actually be present in the moment. If he is always on his phone, or on his computer as he ignores you, it’s likely that he doesn’t take your relationship seriously.

10. They Lie to You….A Lot

When you catch your partner lying to you about insignificant things, there may be more to the picture than you realize. While his lies may seem insignificant, it’s likely that he is hiding something bigger.

11. You Are Constantly Making Excuses For Them

Your friends and family may realize that you are on the hook and try to point it out. If you find yourself constantly scrambling to make excuses for your partner you may need to look more deeply into the situation.

12. He ‘Ghosts’ You All the Time

He may be present one day, and then *poof* like a magic trick, he is gone. Then, days later, he is back like nothing happened. This is a red alert!

13. He Can’t Keep a Secret

When you confide in your partner, and then he turns around and tells someone else, you are not important to him. A major prerequisite to a functioning relationship is that you should be able to confide in your partner. If not, move along.

14. You Feel Like You HAVE to Nag Him

Do you find yourself feeling naggy, but then realizing that you have a legitimate reason to nag all the time? You may need to have a talk with your partner if so, and if they don’t seem willing to work on your issues, you aren’t a priority.

15. He Doesn’t Remember Anything You Say to Him

If you are constantly repeating things that you know you told them, its likely you are an option. While no one can remember everything that is said to them, there are certain situations that merit a listening ear. If your partner can’t lend it, then you are an option.