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We all long for that once in a lifetime love. What exactly is this though?

There are in a sense three things we are seeking and sometimes we will experience them all while others we may go through this life and not find any of the three. One of these being the karmic relationship. These are the ones in which teach us lessons we were unable to learn in past lives.

This is the relationship that no matter how hard you try or how much you want for it too, it will never work. These relationships are intoxicating and will cause great change leaving us with tons of questions. The most important thing you can have going onto a karmic relationship is the knowledge of when to let go.

Soulmates are much better than karmic relationships. When you have met a soulmate things will be wonderful right off the bat. The soulmate is the one we often marry and build a life with, they touch our lives on the most intimate levels. You will feel as if you have already known your soulmate your whole life upon meeting them.

Now, some people get to experience something much more than a ‘soulmate’ they get to meet their twin flame. Twin flames are not simply those who connect on a deeper level it is those who legitimately share the same soul. This is a lot to take in so I know right now it will seem a bit confusing. Twin flames are two parts of one soul, a soul that was separated in the beginning.

Meeting your twin flame is like looking into a mirror. Not everyone gets to reunite with their twin flame and there is nothing wrong with that, however, those who have will be forever grateful for it. No matter the type of relationship you find yourself in there will be ups and downs. If someone is trying to leave let them go. Sometimes people come into our lives not to be forever but to be for a moment.