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Most people have had their heart broken at least once or twice in their lifetime. However, no matter how many times you have experienced heartbreak, it never gets any easier.

If you have ever experienced heartbreak, you understand how long it can take to get over it. And while most would brush it off as an emotional state, there are others that actually classify it as a physical disease. In a 2005 study, researchers from the University of California found a link between a gene and our sensitivity to pain. Furthermore, they found that the gene that works to regulate the opioids in our body is also associated with socially painful experiences as well.

1. Your Heart Will Physically Break

One Danish study found that those who have lost their partner are at a higher risk for the development of an irregular heartbeat. In turn, you can suffer from stroke or heart disease.

2. You Suffer Withdrawals from Your Partner

Similar to coming off of drugs, when you break-up with or lose a partner, you encounter similar symptoms as someone who is coming off of cocaine or methamphetamine.

3. Obsession Takes Over

Going back to the addiction topic, once you have lost your partner, you will begin to obsess over them like a fix. You may stalk them on social media, or begin to send them messages that never get sent.

4. The What-If’s

What if you wouldn’t have had that fight? What if he didn’t cheat on you? What if he didn’t slap you across the face? Would things be different? After a break-up, we will constantly terrorize ourselves with different scenarios in an attempt to resolve the situation within ourselves.

5. Appetite Fluctuations

You may eat less, or more, depending on how you typically handle stress. This is because your cortisol levels are rising. These stress hormones may plague you, and for many, it means losing your appetite completely.

6. You Will Quickly Cycle Through Social Cravings

At first, you will want to be alone and may even go into seclusion. However as your progesterone levels rise, you will crave company because you are lonely.

7. You Will Lose Hair

Major stress, especially of the emotional nature can cause your hair to begin falling out. While you won’t lose all of your hair, you will lose more than usual.

8. Your Risk for Depression Increases

Feelings of abandonment and loneliness, along with stress are a recipe for disaster. You may feel as though you have lost your purpose. This is a good time to seek a counselor or friend that can help you resolve such feelings.

9. Confusion

While there are definite reasons for breaking up, you will still have feelings of love for the other person. As you go back and forth between idealization and devaluation based on the circumstances of your breakup, you will be left with confusion.

10. Your Brain Believes You Are Physically Hurt

Whether pain is emotional or physical, the body tends to handle it the same. Heartbreak truly hurts, similar to an injury, therefore, your body is sending the same signals. 

11. Identity Confusion

After breaking up, our sense of self can withstand some damage. When you are so used to being a couple, being single again can feel as though you have lost yourself. In order to move on, you need to discover yourself again, first.

12. Sleep Deprivation

Your mind is in overdrive with emotions and because of this, sleep will become much harder to obtain. On the contrary, some people experience the urge to sleep constantly.

13. Hormonal Dysregulation

The stress of a breakup can also cause your period to become late. Try to relax. Take a hot bath, and pamper yourself.

14. You Will Become Physically Ill

Stress can tear down your immunity, which in turn will make it easier for you to get sick. Make sure to take lots of vitamin C, and to take care of yourself.

15. Emotional Sensitivity

Anything and everything can set you off after a breakup. This is a perfectly normal response to increased stress and depression. Let your body handle it the way that it knows how to, and keep the tissues handy.