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We have all encountered those couples who inspire us to be better when it comes to our relationships. These couples look at one another as if they are the whole world.

I have even found myself wanting to force them into telling me their secret ways. There has to be something we’re missing right? What is it they are doing differently? We all want to be able to do the right things in relationships be it verbally or physically. We don’t like making mistakes.

Being in a good relationship does not revolve around how many nights a week you go out or how much money you spend on one another. it’s all about those meaningless conversations and days spent at home together. I a relationship you need a strong foundation. Strong couples are couples that have a good foundation under them.

You may not realize that you are messing up even though you are and you also could be doing everything right only to be doing it for someone who isn’t doing the same for you. Love is a game of chance, you risk it as for someone and hope they do the same. Sometimes they do, and other times they don’t. Are you dating the right person? If all of the things below are on point then you are sitting on the right boat. Don’t jump ship before you try to work your problems out.

  1. You respect him as a person.
  2. You love him, all of him.
  3. You can see a future with him.
  4. You let him tear down those walls you built to keep others out.
  5. You share everything with him.
  6. He makes you feel beautiful.
  7. He is loyal and you know he won’t hurt you.
  8. You are not shy about disagreeing with him.
  9. You can both laugh together.
  10. You can be yourself with him.
  11. You can sit in silence and still be content with him.
  12. You don’t feel like he is better than you or vice versa, you are both enough for one another.
  13. He does not belittle you, ever.
  14. He looks out for your well-being.
  15. He cares what your family thinks of him as well as the both of you as a couple.

If he does all of these things then you have found someone well worth keeping. Just because you argue doesn’t mean you should call it quits. You are one of those perfect couples people look up to whether you notice it or not. Someone out there in this world is jealous of what you have, don’t take it for granted. Be happy and love one another.