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Also known as energetic attacks, psychic attacks are attacks of energy that come on quick and are brought on by the emotions of others being directed at you. For instance when someone is rude to you and it ruins your mood and pretty much your whole day.

Energetic attacks happen much more often than we realize and have a terrible effect on us. Low energy is something we also refer to as negative energy, low energy is what is projected onto us during these attacks. It is things like fear, anger, worry, sadness, and other things of the sort. If you are an empath you are more likely to be attacked and are much more in tune with this sort of things when it happens.

The fifteen most common signs and symptoms of a negative energy attack are as follows:

1. Tightness in the chest

2. Feeling like you cannot breathe

3. Feeling worried

4. Feeling guilty or anxious

5. Feeling sad for no apparent reason

6. Coughing

7. Choking

8. Feeling as if there is a heavy weight on your shoulders

9. Being on edge for no reason

10. Irritability

11. Crankiness

12. Throbbing headaches

13. Stabbing pains in the chest, shoulders, or back

14. Stomachaches

15. Nausea

If these sort of things happen to you often then you are likely not the problem, the issue is that you are being hit full force by someone else’s negative energy. When it comes to resolving this issue you need to take a moment to consider what might be triggering this and work to change it. Remember that sometimes triggers can be hidden and even something tiny can make a huge difference. Energy attacks can happen even from a distance, we need to always be ready.