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It seems that our zodiac signs are frighteningly accurate, more so than we may like for them to be. What does each sign really mean when the say ‘I Love You’? Continue on to find out.


“I am head over heels for you.”

The Aries falls hard, they commit with all that they are when they find someone they want to be with. When an Aries tells you they love you it is so much more than that. You are their sun, their moon, and everything else. You are the most important person in their life. Chances are they would do anything for you.


“I am finally comfortable with you and think that you are worthy of my trust.”

If a Taurus says that they love you they are offering you something far more intense than anything you have experienced before. They will expect you to be faithful to then and if something goes wrong there will be hell to pay, the Taurus is known for having a temper that can kill.


“My guard is down and I finally have someone who truly understands me.”

The Gemini is strange and interesting in many different ways. They love to talk and often have conflicting personality traits. It is hard for them to open up on a deeper level because of this and when they finally do it means you are important to them. When they tell you that they love you it means that they believe without a doubt you know them well and care about them for who they are and not who you think they are.


“I will love you to the fullest extent, please never leave me.”

Cancers love far too hard and it can be overwhelming, to say the least. They will cling to you like a leech and are overemotional in many ways. When they say that they love you they are giving you the ability to shatter everything within them and hoping that you won’t.


“I will share the spotlight with you, my dear.”

The Leo will not just share the spotlight with anyone. It takes someone very special to get them where they need to be. The Leo is egotistical and often has far too high standards. You must be quite the catch to of landed a Leo. When a Leo tells you they love you it means you have gained something amazing and they are giving you the ultimate compliment.


“I promise to stand by your side for as long as you will have me.”

The Virgo is cautious and will not let just anyone in. If they declare their love for you, it means that they are thinking hard about the long-term future they want to have with you and have decided that you are without a doubt the one for them. Make sure you are ready for a deep and meaningful relationship before saying it back.


“I will always be fair to you and do my best to understand you in all ways possible.”

The Libra tends to have trouble understanding other signs for the most part and this can be a problem. If you find yourself in a relationship and they decide to make a jump into saying ‘I love you’ first you are going to be spoiled and happy for quite some time to come. The Libra cannot truly be happy if their partner is not happy.


“I would do anything for you.”

The Scorpio is very passionate and if you keep their attention long enough for them to drop the ‘L’ word you are definitely amazing. The Scorpio will fight for you till the end and do whatever they need to do for you. When you fall in love with a Scorpio you get a partner in every sense of the word.


“This feels nice, maybe it will stick.”

The Sagittarius is very flighty so while they may love you today tomorrow could be different. They get bored easily and you need to be as adventurous as they are if you want to keep their attention. Sometimes their devotion is short-lived but they are wonderful lovers for as long as it lasts.


“Let’s build a life together.”

Capricorns are always working towards their goals. When they decide to let you know they love you they want you to know that they want to build with you. They want to help you achieve all of your dreams and be by your side during this journey called life.


“I am devoted to you.”

The Aquarius thinks highly of their partner and will make their whole life centered around them. They are freaked out by commitment in the beginning but once they decide they are into things and mention Love things get very serious. It is like they turn into a completely different person. Devotion is not something this sign is lacking at all. You will be the center of their whole world.


“I will accept you with all of your faults and through all of your mistakes.”

The Pisces will undergo a lot in a relationship. They do not like to jump partners and tend to find themselves in toxic relationships because of this. They try to fix the people they are with and this often results in heartbreak. If a Pisces tells you that they love you then they will be stuck to you like glue for as long as you will have them.