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Has anyone ever told you that you’re the mom of the friend group? Every group has one, and if yours doesn’t, it’s probably you!

Every group has a mom of the group. It’s the person that tends to stay sober just to make sure everyone is safe. The moms of the group come in a variety of ranges in intensity. Sometimes they’re just there to catch you and sometimes they’re whooping your ass for doing something stupid. It’s needless to say that these are the best friends to have. They are always truly looking out for your well being and they have your back to the end, no matter how stupid you are. They’re the friends that act for you first and ask questions later. I am without a doubt the mom of my friend group. I’m always the one they come to with emotional issues, advice, and I even cook for them…

If you’re the mom in the group you’ll without a doubt relate to these 16 things. These are basically the jobs of the mom friend. If you do these things I hate to break it to you, but you’re the mom. We never asked for this position it just kind of happened. I guess because of our responsible thought processed and protectiveness. Either way, we look out for our youngins, and who knows where they’d be without us!

You’re Always Taking the Picture

The mom of the group is behind the camera more than they are in front of it. They always make us stand awkwardly for some sort of picture and then has to take 10 more.

Your Friends Get Lost in Your Adult Conversations

When you start complaining about how much dish soap is, taxes, or anything else a mom likes to talk about your friends kind of just waiting for you to be finished…

You’re a Crazy Pageant Mom When Everyone Goes Out

When the girls are going out you are running around like a chicken with no head trying to get everyone ready. You eventually turn into a crazy pageant mom. Your makeup skills are on point though…

You Wait for the ‘I’m Home Safe’ Texts

“It took you long enough to tell me you got there safely, I had to wait all night!”

You’re At Every Performance

No matter what your friends do, sports, band, theatre, you’re always at every performance. You’re their biggest supporters!

You Give Life Advice by Second Nature

You are so used to giving life advice to everybody that you automatically do it by second nature. It probably annoys some people because you’re always accidentally jumping down someone’s throat.

You’re Always Prepared for an Emergency

You’re most likely guilty of carrying a first aid kit in your car or with you wherever you go. This is because you prepare for the event of a medical emergency!

You Clean for Them

If you go over to one of your friend’s houses you will automatically start tidying up for them. You’re basically a mother in law. Don’t forget about the fact that your own room is messy.

You’re a Voice of Reason

In sticky situations, you’re typically in their ear telling them all the consequences they’re gonna deal with if they do lash out.

You Purchase Random Gifts

You have probably been walking through a mall of some sort and randomly gotten a friend a gift because it reminded you of them.

You Teach them How to Bargain Shop

When they’re shopping with you they learn lots of lessons on how to get the best deal. You’re always teaching them about the clearance racks and what’s inexpensive. It’s a way of life, especially for a mom.

You Always Remind Your Friends of Deadlines

You are a human alarm clock for your friends, always reminding them of appointments and deadlines. How many times has it worked though?

You Plan Every Last Detail Before Leaving for the Night

Sometimes your friends get aggravated with your intense planning. You can’t help it, but you have to plan it all out before going. Everything has to be meticulously perfect.

You’re The Chauffeur Because You’re the Best Driver

When your friends drive you to have to fear for your life, and worry about offending their driving skills at the same time, you’d rather just drive because you know you’re the safest driver in the group.

They Call You Mom

You really know you’re the mom of the group when they literally refer to you as ‘mom.’

You Always Look Out for Them

After everything, the mom of the group is always looking out for those she cares about. They’re amazing friends to have, and they will always have your back. They’ll hide the body for you and ask questions later.


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