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Without knowing, each and everyday we fill our minds with symbolism. And while some of these symbols can enrich our lives, others can do the opposite, but how do we know the difference?

Well, thankfully, some of these sacred symbols are known for their positive effects and we have collected a good lot of them to help you on your spiritual journey.

The bindi is typically worn by married Hindu women. According to myth, it represents the female energy that will protect women and their husbands. Oftentimes, it is created from herbs like turmeric, or sandalwood. 

Buddha is not only a religious leader, he is also a symbol for peace. 

The dharma wheel represents the 8-fold path to enlightenment. 

The Dhvaja or flag is an orange flag that is typically found at temples and festicals. It means “Santana Dharma shall prevail.”

The gayatri yantra represents the illuminated mind and our far-sighted wisdom. 

The Hamsa hand is a representation of protection or the hand of God. 

The Lotus flower isn’t just a flower, it is also a powerful, spiritual image which depicts divine creation. 

If you have any knowledge of spirituality, then you of course, have heard the mantra om. The following symbol represents the mantra om and is wonderful for invoking peace. 

The rudraksha is one of the most potent manifestations of the cosmic force. 

The color saffron, or golden yellow, is deeply symbolic of the Hindu faith. It represents fire and Supreme beings. 

The Sri Yantra is known for its positive meaning. Not only does it usher in peace and happiness, it can also bring you good fortune. 

While the nazis may have given the swastika a bad connotation, it is actually a symbol for good fortune. 

The tilak is a wonderful sandal paste that is medicinal and spiritual. 

The Tripundra is used by the Hindu to worship Shiva. 

The Trishula or Tirdent is associated also with Shiva. Typically, it represents the balance between the forces of creation, preservation and destruction. 

The Veena is compared to the human body. It’s shape is quite similar if you look closely enough.