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Have you ever taken the time to consider whether or not you have been visited by someone from the other side? Spirits can be all around us in our homes and at work, just trying to connect with us.

There are many different types of energies out there be them good or bad spirits, demons, or something else. Depending on the spirit we may be made to feel content when they are around or overly uncomfortable. That being said, we often associate spirits as being more comfortable and ghosts as being a bit different and unsettling. Have you ever encountered a spirit without noticing? Check the list below to see if you might have been missing something.

17 Common Signs That You May Have A Visitor From The Other side:

  1. Doors or cabinets opening on their own.
  2. Lights switching on and off by themselves.
  3. Electronics such as a television switching on or off by itself.
  4. Unexplainable noises this can be footsteps, knocking, scratching, or all of the above.
  5. Finding something that belonged to a loved one even though it had been put away.
  6. Seeing shadows.
  7. Noticing things go missing when no one is home.
  8. Feeling like you are being watched.
  9. You notice hot or cold spots in your home.
  10. You feel like someone has touched you.
  11. You notice an instrument playing by itself.
  12. You smell something out of nowhere, the worse the smell the more negative the presence.
  13. Hearing voices.
  14. Noticing things levitating on their own.
  15. Finding things at your feet.
  16. Animals become sensitive to specific places or things in the house. They react to things you cannot see.
  17. You see people or people like entities in your home.

Yes, not all of these things point directly to a spirit but some of them, when paired with one another, are a clear indicator. It is important to understand that we should not just rule out the otherworldly simply because we feel like these things are only seen in movies. There are many different types of hauntings and each can affect you in a different way. If you are experiencing something like this in your home you need to find out what you are dealing with quickly.