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Alright ladies, pull your big girl britches up because we’re about to get serious. This is a topic that many women need to hear, because well, it’s a huge problem in today’s society. Heartbreak has become too common and there’s only one way to stop it. Educate yourself.

Just as a disclaimer I would like to include that I, myself am a male. However, the topic is subjected towards female empowerment gender does not disqualify. I have witnessed many loved ones that were females – including my mother – get hurt by some stupid boy. Not that women don’t break hearts too, I just feel like women might be a little too naive when it comes to reading the true intentions of men nowadays.

Love is a hard thing to find, and if you have found it you’re very lucky. While love does still exist today, it can be kind of hard to find. It’s even harder to tell what is real and what isn’t. People fake love more than ever nowadays, and it often seems like we’re all just ‘in love’ with the idea of true love. This is knowing the difference between someone who is serious or someone who is interested.

One of the best ways to decipher a deceitful man is on your bad days. I’m not necessarily talking about the days where you’re being kinda crazy, but more about the days where you’re not feeling good, you’re cramping, and you look like shit. If he truly loves you he will be all over you either way. You especially have a good one if he is focusing on taking care of you. Lay off the makeup and see if anything changes.

Another great way to tell if a man is poisoning you or loving you is how honest he is with you. If you ask him if you look fat, (stop doing this, guys hate it, it’s annoying, and they probably don’t care either way) and he says no, but you obviously do, then that is sincerity. He cares more about the way you feel as opposed to the way you look.

Does he control you or encourage you? For instance, when you go out with your friends does he pout about it while you’re getting ready, or does he seem unbothered by the fact that you’re going out? Of course, jealousy isn’t always controlling, but poisonous men will often limit your connections to the outside world; driving your friends away, talking you out of going out, getting angry with you when you talk about social experiences etc.

There’s a huge difference between affectionate and clingy. If your man is constantly wanting to be with you, talk to you, and know where you are it will get old – trust me. However, if the man is simply loving on you when you are together then he is affectionate. This is the proper balance. You should be able to have the time of your own individually.

Possessive and protective are two completely different things. If they look out for you and advise you to stay away from bad people, this is good. However, if they won’t allow you to leave then this is different. You’re not someone’s property. Find a man who realizes that.

One of the most predominant traits of a poisonous man is the extreme narcissism. They have to win every argument or debate – no matter how big, small, relevant, or irrelevant. Their opinions and views are always higher than yours, and they control almost every decision. You’re always wrong for your views and not seeing the world from their perspective.

If your loved ones are begging you to get out of the relationship, then you probably need to. However there are some cases where people get the wrong idea, but rarely. If your man has some of these signs then he might be a dealbreaker. It’d be best not to get your heart involved.