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Anxiety is something that does not just disappear, we cannot be fixed. Roughly 40 million American adults suffer from a mental health condition.

When it comes to dealing with anxiety having a proper support system is very important. If you are romantically involved with someone who has anxiety they need you to be there for them. Pay close attention to the things below. They are very important.

18 Things to know if you love someone with anxiety:

  1. We need you to be there for us on our darkest days.
  2. We need you to remind us that everyone needs professional help sometimes.
  3. We need you to encourage us to take care of ourselves.
  4. We need you to know that you cannot fix us and that us being a bit damaged is okay.
  5. We need you to take even the most insignificant feelings we have seriously.
  6. We need you to research our condition because it will help you to understand.
  7. We need you to know how grateful we are for all that you do.
  8. We need you to be patient.
  9. We need you to know that sometimes our anxiety won’t be as bad as it has been and other times it will be worse.
  10. We need you to know if we could make it go away we would, we are not doing this to hurt you.
  11. We need you to understand not all anxiety is the same.
  12. We need you to understand that sometimes we have bad days for no reason at all.
  13. We need you to know that on those bad days we do not mean it if we make you feel like shit.
  14. We need you to stop telling us to calm down, it isn’t helping anything.
  15. We need you to understand how important you are, you are the life jacket that keeps us from drowning.
  16. We need you to stop ignoring our issues.
  17. We need you to listen even if it seems hard.
  18. We need you to hold us when we’re crying, even if we are crying for no reason.

Just be there for us and we will be there for you, We know that we are hard to love, you are not the first relationship we have had but we hope that you will stay. We hope that you will find us to be enough for you and not too much for you. We will love you with all that we are if you let us, but that means you will have to do your best to love us with all that you are as well and for all that we are. With or without our anxiety, on our good days and our bad days.