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Some people spend their whole lives looking for the one person they are destined to be with only to find that the person of their dreams never showed up. For lots of people the idea of this is completely terrifying and with good reason, no one wants to be alone.

For some people though the person they are with seems pretty perfect, but are they? Is the person you are with your soulmate or just a fix you’ll hang onto for awhile and then move away from? Check out the signs below to find out. You could be in the presence of your soulmate right now and not even notice it.

1. He thinks you are the best at what you do.

He appreciates and admires your abilities and believes in you without a doubt.

2. Random events led you two together.

The story of you two meeting seems almost surreal. He just came into your life out of nowhere.

3. He thinks your flaws are just as awesome as you are.

He loves everything about you even your quirks. There is nothing wrong with you in his eyes.

4. He is always looking at you.

You know exactly what I am talking about.

5. He knows how you like your coffee.

He takes the time to pay attention to the little things about you.

6. You never have to try to impress one another.

7. He is always on your side but will call you out when he needs to.

He will listen to you as much as you need him to but when you are in the wrong he will not sit by and say nothing. He is the reality check you need sometimes.

8. You seem to read each other’s minds.

You just know each other so well.

9. He treats your pets like the family members they are.

He doesn’t overlook the things that matter to you. If your pet is important to you then she is important to him as well. (Which is fine because loves animals.)

10. You are empathetic towards each other.

11. He always thinks you are beautiful.

He lets you know you are the apple of his eye.

12. Your enemies are his enemies.

Just like his enemies are your enemies. If that guy who called you fat in high school is ever in the room with you two chances are he will at least get a dirty look.

13. You have similar opinions on the big three (Religion, politics, and babies.)

Sure, you’re not 100 percent on the same page but you definitely have similar views on these things.

14. You can be content in the quietness of one another.

When you are together there are no words needed. Just being around each other is more than enough.

15. You’re sexually compatible.

16. You trust each other.

17. You don’t treat each other like objects.

You don’t fawn over each other’s bodies and see each other as equals.

18. When you fight it is not with threats.

You argue with respect.

19. You do little things for each other.

You both try hard to help each other out and make life easier overall.

20. You are both able to give in to one another and apologize when you need to.

You love each other too much to let your pride get in the way of your relationship. While no one likes to be the first to admit they are wrong you both can and will when it needs to be done.