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When you are an Empath people just feel like they can come to you for advice. Whether they know you or not they trust you.

You speak much more than words with your eyes. Those around you feel a connection to what you feel and it comforts them more than you can imagine. When trying to point out an Empath check for the things below.

20 Things You’ll Notice When You’re in The Presence of An Empath

1. They are often accused of being too sensitive.

2. They cannot stand being lied to.

3. They avoid things like the news because negative media really impacts them.

4. They feel out of place or overwhelmed in crowded places.

5. They have a soft aura to them.

6. They love to heal and help others.

7. They will listen to you because it is important.

8. They experience what you are feeling.

9. They cannot be any other way than the way they are.

10. They are sensitive to stimulants.

11. They love animals.

12. They are easily distracted,

13. They give the best advice.

14. They are often exhausted.

15. They cannot stand Narcissists.

16. Some sounds bother them.

17. They are great listeners.

18. They will not interrupt you.

19. They are the first to approach a crying stranger.

20. Children adore them.