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The human body is a very articulate machine that works quite efficiently at helping us to repair our bodies. In fact, it’s so good at its job, that it runs on a very organized repair schedule that can tell us a number of things about our bodies.

If we understand the schedule that our body is inherently on, then we can understand how to better treat ourselves. Many believe that if you feel sluggish, achy, or foggy during these parts of the day, your body is most likely trying to repair the damage that has been done to it. Those feelings of being sore, tired, etc., during those times, is due to a large amount of energy being used to heal your body. Conversely, if you know this information, you can treat these organs with supplements and health foods during those times.

The Chinese Organ Body Repair Table

3-5 A.M

During this time, your lungs are being repaired. When you awaken and begin to cough, this is a sign that your lungs could be damaged or sick. If you awaken during this time, it is best to use breathing exercises to go back to sleep. When you awaken, try to meditate, or breathe in some peppermint oil.

5-7 A.M

From the hours of 5-7 A.M our bodies are working to repair our large intestine. When you first awaken, if you can, utilize this time to have a bowel movement to cleanse the intestines of previous waste. Chew on fennel seeds or a peppermint to aid in digestion.

7-9 A.M

It is during this time that the stomach is repaired. This is one of the many reasons for eating a well-balanced and healthy meal first thing in the morning. This will jump-start the stomach, pancreas and small intestine to begin their duties in your body.

9-11 A.M

The Spleen could be considered one of your most important organs of digestion. During this time your spleen is repairing so your body can produce antibodies when you have an infection. Some experience pain in the region while it repairs if they are having problems with their spleen.

11-1 P.M

It is best to not overwork the heart during this time, as it is being repaired. You may notice that your heart is beating faster during this time. According to experts, 70% of heart attacks take place during this time. It’s best to take it easy during this time, to allow your body to do its job. 

1-3 P.M

Having strange stomach pains, indigestion and bloating during this time could be caused by issues with the small intestine. As it tries to mend itself, it may cause discomfort in the body. Trying an all natural soft cleanse can ease the pain experienced.

3-7 P.M

From 3-7 P.M, both our kidneys and bladders will be hard at work trying to cleanse the toxins from our body. If we have good kidney function, we may experience energetic peaks during this time. Conversely, if the kidneys are damaged or not functioning correctly, the body will become tired.

7-11 p.m

During the hours of 7-9, the pericardium is repairing any damage that has been done which could effect your circulation. It is a good time to do an activity that is relaxing, and that will help ease you into restful sleep. According to many, this is a good time to have sex, read a book or snuggle.

9-11 P.M

From 9-11, our ‘Triple Burner’ or endocrine system is repairing. It is best to try to sleep during this time, while having an earlier bed time in the winter, and the ability to stay up later during the summer.

11-1 A.M

During these hours, if you experience pain on your right side, you could have issues with the gallbladder. It is the gallbladder’s job to excrete bile in the physical realm, however, in the realm of emotion, the gallbladder also governs decision-making and self-esteem. It is best to sleep during this time to aid in the gallbladder’s repair.

1-3 A.M

The liver is responsible for storing and cleansing the blood. Anyone who has drunk a little bit too much at night, and then awoken around 1-3 A.M understands the difficulty of overworking the liver. You may awaken to full attention during this time if the liver is overworked as it tries to heal any damage done, and to cleanse the toxins from your blood.