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We all feel bad about how we look at some point in our lives. This page should make you feel a lot better in the times where you’re feeling down.

As you have been told time and time again the people depicted on our television screens and in magazines are heavily photoshopped versions of themselves. Their appearances are all lies and if you think about it all the images you see where they were ‘caught’ doing something in public they look completely different than when they were on the cover of your favorite magazine in a bikini.

While we may play it off as ‘not a big deal’ this is a real issue. Unrealistic beauty standards have an impact on us, this is something that can affect everyone. I find that seeing the images before they have been photoshopped, unedited, and raw helps make me feel so much better when I am feeling down in the dumps about my double chin, chubby cheeks, or anything else. Take a look below and see how you feel by the end of this.

1. Justin Bieber

2. Madonna

3. Britney Spears

4. Fergie

5. Kim Cattrall

6. Candice Huffine

7. Angelina Jolie

8. Keira Knightley

9. Jennifer Lawrence

10. Kim Kardashian

11. Penelope Cruz

12. Katy Perry

13. Miley Cyrus

14. Miranda Kerr

15. Lindsay Lohan

16. Beyonce

17. Lady Gaga

18. Kelly Clarkson

19. Jennifer Anniston

20. Jessica Alba

21. Shakira

We are all people and we all have flaws. The only difference is their photos get shoved through photoshop a whole lot more often than ours do. We are not the only ones with crows feet and a little extra pudge.