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Sometimes we do or say things that we shouldn’t have but most of these are just ridiculous. Just when I thought things could not have gotten any worse, it did.

1. Whoops.

2. These two are perfect for each other…. Both idiots.

3. Come on now, you couldn’t have googled it at least? 

4. So proud of you, not!

5. No fucks given. 

6. Fake girlfriend, how sad. 

7. Not edited at all?? Right…

8. It was fun while it lasted.

9. Why in the world?

10. I am not quite sure what is happening here but I do not like it. 

11. None at all?

12. I predict some serious road rash in the future.

13. Can you just not?

14. I sense something bad coming from this. 

15. This makes me want to die.

16. The decision to make this should have never happened, I will forever be haunted. 


18. Hmmm, I wonder why.

19. But did you die?

20. Literally, what traffic?

21. Not very bright.

22. Does it taste as shitty as it looks?

23. Do I even wanna know?

24. How about that…

25. I love rats and all but I am not quite sure how I feel about this one.