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One part extraterrestrial and one part human, star children were sent to Earth to assist in the evolution of the Earth itself, and those that inhabit it. Incarnated here with dormant psychic abilities, many of these children are now starting to show signs that their psychic abilities are activating.

From remembering past lives to reminiscing on times that they were in contact with their extraterrestrial family, the abilities that these children are exhibiting exceed that possessed by the average adult human.

There are many ways that these children can come to arrive on planet Earth including:

  • A natural incarnation in which blood lineage leads to the genetics required to create a star child
  • Genetic splicing as a result of one parent visiting an extraterrestrial ship
  • An agreement between the original soul of the child and that of a star being when the child was still extremely young
  • A visit by the child at a young age to an extraterrestrial ship where their DNA was altered using advanced technology

These children bring a knowledge beyond anything that we can begin to imagine, dealing with the areas of science, psychology, analyzing and an overall knowledge of ‘how things work.’ These children are much happier participating in inside activities such as playing with video games and computers and curling up with a good book. They have a natural ability when it comes to the use and trouble shooting of more complex technological devices, often fixing things around the home for their parents as required.

The future of the New Earth, these children will act as our guides, helping us to connect on a higher frequency, impacting every living thing that exists on the planet. According to Dr. Richard Boylan, a behavioral scientist, psychology professor and star-cultures anthropologist, these children possess any number of the following 27 psychic abilities:

  1. Astral Travel (Out-of-body travel)
  2. Cross-Species Communication
  3. Time Contraction or Dilation (the ability to cause events to take a longer or shorter time than they would ordinarily take)
  4. Interdimensional Awareness
  5. Ability to Read the Aura of Those Around Them
  6. Channeling (the ability to serve as a conduit for someone that isn’t present to communicate through)
  7. Psychic Healing
  8. Clairvoyance or Remote Viewing (the ability to see things distant in space or time)
  9. Teleportation
  10. Impacting Electrical Devices when They Enter a Room (devices turn off/on or short out)
  11. Biogenetic Healing
  12. Telekinesis (the ability to move objects with one’s mind)
  13. Levitation
  14. Shared Consciousness
  15. A High Level of Intuitiveness (the ability to just ‘know’ something without being told)
  16. Telepathy (the ability to communicate mentally)
  17. Inter-Dimensional Viewing
  18. Operating with a Close Mental Connection to the Star Visitor Guides
  19. Invisibility Work (the ability to make oneself ‘invisible’ mentally)
  20. The Ability to ‘Download’ Information
  21. Pre-Sensitivity to Human Disasters or Earthquakes
  22. Earth Energy Adjustment Work
  23. The Ability to Summon One’s Star Visitor Guides or Other Guardians
  24. Psychic Diagnosis (the ability to ‘read’ a person’s energy field)
  25. Precognition (knowledge of the future)
  26. Mental Influencing (the ability to make others feel like doing something that the Star Kid wants to see happen)
  27. Remotely Influencing Others

These children are special souls and an important part of the future of our planet. As their psychic abilities are activated they may find themselves confused or overwhelmed, learning how to navigate their new gifts. They will require your support and encouragement throughout this time to allow them to fully grow and develop. If you see signs that this may describe your own child, consider yourself blessed! While you may find it difficult at times to understand and connect with them, know that they value your opinions and guidance.