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The mysteries of the human mind have been boggling the minds of people for thousands of years! Human psychology is an interesting subject, nonetheless.

There are three levels of human consciousness. They are known as the conscious, the preconscious, and the unconscious. Each level of consciousness has different characteristics, and many different processes take place in the body during these levels of consciousness.

The Conscious

The conscious level consists of what is exactly in front of you. This is whatever you are aware of at that point in time. It includes what you’re thinking, feeling. Tasting, smelling, and seeing! Anything you are doing in the present time is your conscious.

The Precociousness

The precociousness is a little different than the conscious. This level contains information that is just below the surface of awareness. It is retrieved through memory and recollection with relative ease. Thinking of your middle name is a good way to retrieve this awareness. Or when did it rain last? Or your mother’s last name?

The Unconscious

The last level of consciousness is the unconscious. You spend most of your time sleeping in the unconscious. You may also visit this realm when you get knocked out! The unconscious contains thoughts, memories, and desires that are buried the deepest within ourselves. There is actually an ancient Tibetan test that will help you reveal your deepest layers of psyche! Check it out below.

Question 1 – Using your imagination, picture five animals in front of you:

You see a tiger, cow, sheep, pig and horse. Now, line them up in front of you in whatever order you most prefer. Try not to take too long; simply write down whatever order you think is best for them.

Question 2 – Finish each of the sentences below using one adjective for each noun:

  • A dog is ________.
  • A cat is ________.
  • A rat is ________.
  • Coffee is _______.
  • The sea is _______.

Question 3 – Imagine five people who are important in your life:
Then, pick a color for each person from the colors below. Use your intuition and instinct.

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Green

So, what does all of this mean for you?

Question 1 – How you set your priorities:

  • Cow – Career
  • Tiger – Self Worth
  • Sheep – Love
  • Horse – Family
  • Pig – Money

Question 2 – Your attitudes toward life:

  • Dog – Your personality
  • Cat – Your partner’s personality
  • Rat – Your enemies’ personality
  • Coffee – Your views on sex
  • Sea – Your overall life

Question 3 – Your attitudes toward other people:

  • Yellow – Someone who has impacted your life in a major way
  • Orange – Someone you believe to be a true friend
  • Red – Someone you love with all of your heart
  • White – Your kindred spirit
  • Green – A person you are not likely to forget