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Life is a woman isn’t always easy – it’s messy, confusing and sometimes a downright disaster. Regardless of what may be going on, there is almost always a way to find humor in the situation! These tweets outline some of the best, worst and most hilarious moments of being a woman!


You Aren’t Going to Fool Us – You Aren’t Listening! 


The Truth About Birth Control 


No One Will Ever Explain The Deep Connection of Women Bonding


Seriously – We’ve Got Each Other’s Backs


Never Underestimate the Strength of a Woman


We May Love Our Selfies, But Come On, It Could Be Worse… 


There Are Times You Just KNOW What’s Coming


While There Are Times That We Are Apparently a Complete Mystery


We All Understand the Fear That is Fluorescent Lighting


But Really… Men Never Listen…


There Are Certain Style Expectations to Live Up to


We’re Expected to Always Look Our Best Somehow 


At Least Style is Starting to Make More Sense in Some Ways


And Sometimes We Just Want to Be Comfortable 


Why is it That Women Never Get Pockets? 


We Are Forced to Carry Purses Everywhere We Go


It Really Isn’t Our Fault That They Hold Our Whole Lives! 


There Are Times Our Opinions Would Be Helpful… 


But Really, What Do We Know About What Women Want? 


We Fight Inequality Every Day


Trying to Prove Ourselves Against Even the Craziest Judgements


We Even Fight Judgement Among Ourselves


But Don’t Mistake Us For the Weaker Sex 


We’re Just a Little Awkward Sometimes 


We’re Expected to Care About the Opinions of the Men Around Us


But At Times We’ll Even Hold Back Our Own Opinions


We Know How to Take Joy in the Little Things in Life


We Are Perplexed By Some of Life’s More Difficult Decisions


And Like to Keep Our Options Open 


But Really, The Pockets….