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Originating in Africa as part of spiritual ceremonies and still remaining an integral part of Haitian traditions, voodoo dolls have been gaining popularity the world over. Often considered to be negative, bringing curses and bad energies upon those who have wronged you, the truth is that many voodoo dolls are used for good!

These spiritual tools can be used in order to bring blessings and good energy into your own life, or the lives of others around you. Those practicing positive voodoo can bring about love, healing, protection, success and so much more!

While voodoo is a mystery to many who come across it, it is a religion and a way of life to others. If you are interested in promoting some positive energy or drawn to the darker side of the craft (if so, make sure you learn the risks!) here is how to make an effective voodoo doll for your use!


Step One: Collect the Necessary Materials

While you will not need a lot of materials in order to create your voodoo doll, you will need to put some energy into ensuring that you have everything that you need for your purpose. There are many different materials that one can use, each with their own energies and connections. Allow yourself to be guided by your spirit and your gut instincts on this one, choosing the materials that you feel most drawn to. Some common materials include clay, paper, twigs, corn husks and cloth. You will also need something to stuff your doll with, such as moss or commercial stuffing from your local craft store.


Step Two: Collect an Item from The Person You are Crafting the Voodoo Doll For

Each voodoo doll you create will be made with one specific person in mind – the person for which you are planning on either bringing good energy and blessings, or the one that has wronged you and is about to feel your wrath. The craft of voodoo is heavily reliant upon the transfer of energy and in order for this transfer to be complete, the doll must have some connection with that person. You can use any object that this person has touched, however, things like clothing or a lock of the person’s hair hold a higher level of power and may increase your doll’s effectiveness.


Step Three: Build Your Doll’s Skeleton

When creating your doll, you need to attempt to make it represent the person in question as closely as possible, and this includes ensuring that it has a skeletal structure. You will need to use something that is relatively sturdy such as sticks or branches. Natural materials are preferred as they create a more authentic doll, however, if you are stuck using basic items like pencils will suffice. Take your sticks or pencils and place them in the shape of a ‘T’ and then use twine or string to tie them in place. When you have finished constructing the skeleton for your voodoo doll make sure that you identify which sticks will be the head, feet, and arms.


Step Four: Select the Skin and Stuff Your Voodoo Doll

The selection of a skin for your voodoo doll is important, as the material you choose can have an impact on the power of the spell you are looking to cast. If you are looking to hex someone who has done you wrong, you should always use an article of their clothing in order to ensure that your spell is going to be effective! Natural materials such as muslin or hemp work best to bring fortune and good luck. Other organic fibers such as a corn husk are also effective. If you are using fabric, the color can help to amplify your spell: green for money related spells and good luck, yellow for success, pinks and reds for romance and love spells, white for protection and peace. Once you have selected your doll’s skin then it is time to stuff the doll. This can be done with a variety of different materials including cotton, paper, feathers, shredded cloth or Spanish moss for a more authentic approach.


Step Five: Decorate Your Doll to Represent the Person You Have in Mind

Now that your doll has taken a form you have reached the point of decorating it. You can use twine or ribbon to help to form the head, feet, and arms giving it a definitive shape. Moving forward remember that the more that your doll looks like the person you are creating it for, the better your spell is going to work. When selecting details like eye color and hair color try to keep this as true to form as you are able to. You can also attach additional decoration to help boost your spells, such as adding a heart if you are casting a love spell, or attaching a coin to your doll if you are looking to cast spells pertaining to wealth and riches.


Step Six: Baptize and/or Purify Your Doll in Preparation for Your Spells, and Then Cast Your Spell

In order for the doll to genuinely connect with the individual that it was created in the image of you must now add a name association. Baptizing the doll is a necessary step to solidify the transfer of energy required in order for your spell to work. If you would like to additionally purify the doll, you can dissolve some sea salt into the water you will be using for the baptism ceremony. Burning incense near your doll will also help to purify it. To carry out the baptism ceremony you will need to dunk your doll underwater while saying the following, as found in Aleister Crowley’s book Ritual VIII:

“I baptize you (name of the person in question) in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In life, you are now that who I wish you to be. All that is done to you will happen to (name of the person in question) in the world as I command it. I now control the desires, dreams and ultimate fate of (name of the person in question). Their life belongs to me. May (name of the person in question) see no pleasure or profit from their life or endeavors unless I deem it so.”

At this point, you can proceed with your spell or hex. Close your eyes, holding the doll firmly, and visualize what you wish to have happen to that person. Picture the final result with as much clarity and detail as you can within your mind. For example, if you are helping someone to heal a broken bone then picture the bone mending itself. All of this – from the baptism to the final spell – needs to be completed in a safe place free from the potential influence of other people. As this is heavily reliant upon energy transfer, bad energies can also be caught up in the process having a negative impact on your overall result.


Finally, Be Prepared to Pay the Price

The story goes that a grandfather used voodoo in order to help himself to become rich and successful, but in order to do so, he had to sell his soul to the Devil. Each year the Devil would send a demon back to collect something from the grandfather in exchange. With the help of the Devil he lived for over 100 years, experiencing highs and lows throughout his life, however, at the end of it, all the Devil continued to collect from his family when he passed.

There is a balance in the Universe, and that balance must be maintained. For this reason, nothing that you ask for will come without a cost. For ever action there is a consequence, so think long and hard about how much you are willing to give up and whether it is worth what you are currently wishing for!