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The strength and power of a spiritual healer is unknown to many, their ability to connect with their true nature allows them to heal through creating harmony between your mind, body, and soul. As society continues to look towards alternative methods of healing, spiritual healing is becoming increasingly sought after.

This is not a skill you can just pick up and learn. Spiritual healers are born with an immense inner power, one that they will in turn learn to control and utilize. You may be wondering, how do you know if you have been blessed with this gift? Watch for these 32 signs…

  1. The people closest to you in your life rarely get sick.
  2. You spend much of your time thinking of ways to improve the lives of those you encounter.
  3. When choosing a career  you gravitated towards a traditional healing field. This may include doctors, nurses, massage therapists, guidance counselors or veterinarians among others.
  4. When you walk into a room you can immediately tell if there has been an argument or altercation prior to your arrival.
  5. You find that you have a special connection with the animals that you encounter in life – whether they are pets or wildlife. You can tell that animals trust you immediately, and are drawn to you even if they normally don’t interact with others.
  6. You have ever been diagnosed with any type of mood disorder. The ability to connect so deeply with the moods and emotions of others can manifest itself as a disorder in those that are unaware they are doing so.
  7. You are quick to volunteer yourself for smaller tasks, unable to say no. This often leaves you feeling overwhelmed with the vast number of little tasks that you take on at any given time.
  8. You feel an overwhelming need to help others, even at your own expense.
  9. You are attracted to crystals and the healing properties that they posses. You feel a desire to surround yourself in these items.
  10. You experience frequent headaches.
  11. Friends, family and coworkers tell you that you are soothing to be around.
  12. You go out of your way to ensure that anyone who comes to your house is comfortable.
  13. If given the opportunity you would prefer to use natural or alternative healing methods to relying on the accepted western medicine when dealing with your own health.
  14. When your friends are dealing with difficult times in life, you are the one that they turn to for comfort and/or guidance.
  15. You experience digestive issues.
  16. You have been diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorders at some point in your life. Spiritual healers who are unaware of the feelings they are experiencing often become anxious and overwhelmed.
  17. You find that you think about situations differently than those around you.
  18. Employers and coworkers regularly as your opinion of potential new hires as they trust in your ability to read people.
  19. You find yourself feeling exhausted and drained after days in which you are interacting with a large number people.
  20. People tell you that you are an excellent listener.
  21. Young children are drawn to you, even if they are normally shy around others.
  22. You have a family history of healers. It is believed that this is a power that is passed down through the generations.
  23. Your hands often have a tingling sensation. This may present itself in a number of ways including pins and needles, pulsing, vibrating or throbbing.
  24. You feel strongly that the problems faced by the people you encounter in life are your responsibility to fix.
  25. You find that you possess an extreme level of empathy to those around you without making an effort to connect.
  26. You have a personal interest in methods of spiritual based healing such as reiki or shamanism.
  27. You regularly experience pain in your shoulders and/or neck.
  28. Complete strangers open up to you in public without prompting, sharing their life stories.
  29. Your preferred method of exercise is one that is done outdoors, as you find nature to be calming. This may include going for a walk or doing yoga outdoors.
  30. You find yourself overwhelmed easily in public, and prefer to avoid crowds in public.
  31. When experiencing empathy at its most intense level you may feel actual physical sensations of hurt and pain.
  32. Your friends and family often come to you for advice in relation to their  romantic lives.
  33. When you find yourself in crowds or public places you find yourself experiencing feelings of heightened awareness such as tightness in your chest, nervousness, or difficulty catching your breath.
  34. You are a ‘big picture’ thinker, rather than focusing on the smaller details.
  35. People tell you that you are good at back and/or shoulder rubs, and ask for them regularly.