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Dating has gotten extremely difficult in the past decade. Whether it was the internet, television, or the increasingly unachievable societal standards we face, relationships just aren’t as successful as they should be.

People these days are dating for pure companionship. They just want someone to post pictures with on Instagram, have sex with, cuddle, and kiss. Dating these days is just to obtain affection from some sort of person. People have the wrong idea as to what true love even is anymore. We are too self-obsessed to even consider making compromises for our significant other. We have our own individual criteria that people have to meet before we even consider dating them. While standards are great for us, materialized standards are just shallow.

While most relationships these days are bound for failure, there are some successful relationships still out there. When we really put effort into building a connection with another person instead of just leaving when things aren’t going our way, there are limitless abilities unlocked by the two of you. Have you ever wondered what the most important things to do to keep the passion in your relationship? Well, here they are!

Stay Mentally Present During Sex

When you are having sex with your lover, you need to remain mentally present in that moment. Don’t just zone out because it feels good physically; remain in the moment and feel how your souls are able to merge. That intimacy is way more crucial than you may think. It doesn’t just improve your sex life, it improves the overall relationship because you always have and remember that connection.

Positive Interpretation of Monogamy and Routine

People can become overwhelmed and stressed out by routine, especially these days. In order to keep your relationship passionate, you need to fully understand monogamy. You’re allowed to look at other people, and you shouldn’t be controlling who each other is talking to. Overall you have an unbreakable trust for each other, and you should be vulnerable to that trust until broken. It’s no longer a routine for one person, it’s two. If you are unsatisfied with life, change it together. Never just flee.

Making Sex a Priority

You might not think so, but sex is a priority. It’s not just a feeling the good physical action, it’s soul merging. Makeup sex is so important in a relationship because it reminds you of the true connection you two have. It reminds you of why you deal with each other’s faults, and no it’s not because of the sex. It’s because you remember that special connection between just the two of you.


Honesty truly is always the best policy, especially relationships. Being honest isn’t always easy because we mess up, and we don’t want to hurt our other. But, we have to deal with all things together and that includes any mistake you might’ve made. Never hide it from them, it only makes everything much worse.