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“I don’t just listen to your words. I listen to your use of words, your tone, your body movements, your eyes, your subtle facial expressions. I interpret your silences – I can hear everything you don’t say in words.”  – Unknown

 Empaths have been sent to us with an ability to connect with and understand the people they encounter that far exceeds just the words that are exchanged in a conversation. They are blessed with the gift to ‘feel’ truth and dishonesty, gaining a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the words that we speak.

They read not only our words and actions but are in-tune with our psyche, sensing our thoughts and feelings. This deeper sensitivity and connection with the people that they encounter is not always voluntary, often putting them into a difficult situation. Imagine knowing that someone that you care for isn’t telling the truth, however not being able to call them out on it because the only evidence you have is your ‘gut feeling’?

Each person’s words carry their own energy, a pattern of vibration and frequency that originates from the speaker. This energy can be either positive or negative, carrying with it a whole spectrum of emotions and thoughts. In fact, words don’t even have to be spoken to share this energetic pattern… Simply thinking or feeling something can share this energy with an empath.

For this reason, empaths are highly selective of who they allow into their lives. They aren’t looking for perfection, for they acknowledge they aren’t perfect themselves. We are all human, and making mistakes is a natural part of the human condition. Instead, they are looking for people who are kind, honest and loyal. People who mean well, and care about the well being of those around them. This allows them to distance themselves from those who spread nothing but negative energy when they enter a room.

 Here are 4 things that, despite your best efforts, you can never hide from an empath:


  1. The Message Behind a Gift

We give gifts for a number of reasons in our lives – to celebrate a happy occasion, to comfort during times of trial, to thank someone or to encourage someone to act upon something. While some gifts are given merely as a kind act of the heart, others come with strings attached, a list of conditions or demands that are expected to be met. While an empath can understand that there are times that it makes sense to use this type of gift to your advantage they would prefer honesty from those in their lives. Be honest with them and you are more likely to reach a desirable outcome for everyone involved.


  1. A Calculated Façade

Have you ever met someone that seems to emulate the desires, interests, and opinions of those around them, as if they have no actual personality of their own? While this is sometimes caused by a lack of self-confidence and self-acceptance, there are a number of people who actively approach the world in this way in order to manipulate the way that they are being viewed. Creating this ‘false self’ allows them to connect with anyone they choose, creating a feeling of acceptance and understanding that encourages others to drop their armor and expose their most vulnerable sides. If you aren’t being true to yourself, creating this type of ‘false’ version an empath will quickly pick up on it!


  1. Motive

While we may say or act in a specific way it is important to understand that there is generally a motive behind every decision we make in life. This motive is a reflection of the very essence of our soul, revealing whether our actions are to help others or an effort to selfishly move ahead in an area of our lives. Regardless of how selfless you believe your thoughts or actions may appear to those around you, an empath can see through the mask to the underlying reason why you do what you do.


  1. False or Fake Emotions

We all know that person, the one that uses tears to manipulate the people around them, playing on their emotions to propel themselves forward in the world. While an empath will be the first person to reach a hand out to someone who is genuinely struggling, they have no patience for the insincere people who exploit the genuine care and concern of those around them for their own selfish reasons.