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As we get older life gets more and more depressing. As dreary as that sounds, it’s true. We start to notice more negative things as adults than we did when we were children. However, it is possible to create your own happiness!

As a human, you are constantly in control of your internal world. While it can be really difficult to make external shifts in your life, internal shifts are much easier. Although life is really stressful in the modern day, feeling happy is a choice. If you feel as if you are leading an unfulfilling life, then change it! It can be kind of difficult to make an internal shift at first, but with practice, you will surely get it. I’ve included 4 ways to create your own happiness below!

Take Responsibility for your Actions and your Life

If you don’t take responsibility for the choices you make, you will constantly blame your problems on other people. This is dangerous because we are ultimately in control of our own life and we make our own choices. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, get out of it. If you choose to stay in it and be unhappy that is on you! Not your partner. You are in control of the way your life is going, not them.

Trust Your Gut

People often stress about the future these days. It can be difficult to choose a life pathway or a career field. Simply trust your gut and your inner calling. If you feel as if you are studying the wrong field there is no shame in swapping! Try meditating and ask yourself, “what do I need to feel better about my life?”

Practice Gratitude


 Gratitude is extremely important. It makes other people feel better about doing a nice thing for you! It additionally makes you feel great because you’re a nice person! Being nice feels great, and your friends will appreciate nothing more than your true gratitude.

Do Something You Love Everyday

Whether you love hiking, writing, swimming, sports, video games, or watching TV, you need to do it at least once a day. Choose your favorite thing to do and do it as much as you can!

It can be extremely easy to become dissatisfied with the way our lives are going. However, if you experience this you can also change it. Take control of your life and you will never feel better. After all, it’s your life, isn’t it?

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